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Top 6 Old Neighborhoods in Tokyo: A Trip to Local and Traditional Life

Tokyo still has shitamachi (old town) areas where so many people once lived, allowing you to experience the city's culture and history. I will introduce the charms of these areas that retain traditional streetscapes of Tokyo.

Yanaka Ginza Tour & Recommended Spots to Visit Individually

Discover nostalgic Tokyo in Yanaka, with its preserved Showa-era townscape, Yanaka Ginza's vintage shops, cat-themed cafes, famous cemetery, and guided tours exploring the highlights.

Recommended Tours for Exploring Yanaka Ginza

Tokyo has areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku that have undergone modern redevelopment with rows of skyscrapers. In contrast, there are also neighborhoods where you can experience the local traditional Japanese atmosphere. Yanaka is one such area.

Enjoy a Walking Tour of Yanaka Ginza!

Yanaka Ginza retains nostalgic Tokyo culture just 10 mins from Tokyo Station. The lively 170m shopping street and serene Yanaka Cemetery with Skytree views are walkable highlights. Known as a cat town, it's perfect for wandering on a Yanaka Ginza walking tour or self-guided itinerary.