## Edo-yu

Edo Yu is, as unique as it sounds, a spa-public bath. A sento is a public bath place that has been a tradition in Japan, but Edo Yu incorporated spa facilities in order to make a new relaxation facility.
We want to particularly introduce the woodblock paintings on the walls of the bath. Wood block paintings were popular amongst the commoners in Edo era of Japan. Edo Yu uses arts of Hokusai, one of the most famous woodblock painter.
Most Japanese people know Hokusai’s paintings. Hokusai is said to be born in Ryogoku, so here are his home bounds. The bathroom with paintings of Hokusai’s Mt. Fuji enhances its majestic atmosphere.
Furthermore, besides the bath Edo Yu has other facilities as well. Spa facilities include Thai traditional massage, Asian treatment, etc. You can flex your tired body from traveling by getting into the hot tubs and using the spa treatments.

Detail of Edo-yu

Address〒130-0014 1-5-8, Kamezawa, Sumida-ku,Tokyo, Japan
Business hours11AM-9AM(Closed on Mondays)
NorticeChildren under middle school, tattoos and body paintings are prohibited.


If you want to try to take Sento, you can also join our tour, [“Nostalgic Town Walk Yanaka”](https://www.magical-trip.com/experiences/tokyo-yokohama/nostalgic-town-walk-yanaka/460ceb6f-0099-47a6-a447-2de274da7e9f). You can go to Yanaka, old and famous town of Tokyo, and enjoy your time at a traditional Sento.