April and May are the spring time in Japan. It is the best season in the year with a comfortable weather and beautiful nature. In Chugoku region, situated in the west of Japan, there are quite a few events during the spring for gourmets, to play with children and to enjoy the nature. You will find histories, cultures, traditions and warm acquaintances with local people which you don’t find in big cities.

Events for Gourmets

1. Meat Festival with Beer from the World at Gourmet Stadium in Hiroshima: 27th April – 6th May, 2018


“Niku Fes” (Meat Festival) is the biggest food event in Japan held every year during the “Golden Week” (from 29th April through 5th May). From this year it will be held not only in Tokyo and Osaka but also in Hiroshima as well. At all three venues famous restaurants will participate, namely “Nomeru Hamburg” (Drinkable Hamburg), “Cheese Cheers Café” who offers a Hamburg with melting raclette cheese and “Lounge 1908” who serves French–Italian style creative cuisines. The raclette cheese is a Swiss cheese which you put in front of the fire until the top layer is melted and then eat it with potato or others. Further there are designated areas for kids and families, live shows by artists and sport events. The venue used to be the home stadium of the “Hiroshima Carps”, a professional base ball team and now it is used for various events.
You will have to buy coupons, Yen700 each to enjoy dishes. Most dishes would cost you Yen700 or Yen1,400. Electronic money is accepted.


・Dates & hours
27th April (Fri) – 6th May (Sun)
10:00 – 21:00
27th April (Fri), 1st May (Tue) and 2nd May (Wed): 11:00 – 21:00

Access & address

・Venue: Former Hiroshima Shimin Kyujo (a base ball stadium)
・Direction from the nearest station

  1. in the proximity of “Genbaku Dome-mae” Tram Stop
  2. in the proximity of “Kamiya-cho” Bus Stop
    ・Travel time from main terminal stations
    15 minutes by bus from “Hiroshima” JR Station
    ・Address: 5-25 Moto-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima

Admission fee & reservation

Admission free
Reservation not required

Official site URL


Events to Enjoy with Chldren

2. Joyful Space Exhibition in Tottori Prefecture: 17th March – 6th May, 2018


“Joyful Space Exhibition” is held in Tottori under the theme of “Space”. There will be a display of a rocket which belongs to JAXA (the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and a model of the Asteroid Probe. Also children can enjoy attractions such as a planetarium to see all the stars, a train replicating the “Galaxy Express”, a movable planetarium and a photographing corner where you can take pictures wearing a space suit. The venue called “Yume Minato Tower” was inaugurated in 1997 as a symbol tower of “Japan Expo ’97 Tottori: San-in Yume Minato Expo”. On the top floor there is an observatory made in a boat shape and all in glass. It commands a fantastic 360 degrees panorama view.


・Dates: 17th March (Sat) – 5th May (Sun), 2018
(Note: Only Saturdays and Sundays from 9th April through 27th April)
・Hours: 10:00a.m. – 05:00p.m. (last admission at 04:30p.m.)

Access & address

・Venue: Multi Hall on 1st Floor, Tottori Prefectural “Yume Minato” Tower
・Direction from the nearest station:
In the proximity of “Yume Minato” Tower Bus Stop via Hama Loop Bus
・Travel time from main terminal station:
Approx. one hour by train and walk from “Yonago” Station
・Address: 255-3 Take-no-uchi Danchi, Sakai Minato-city, Tottori

Admission fee & reservation

Adults (senior high school students or above): Advance ticket Yen500, at the door Yen700
Children (3 years old or above): Advance ticket Yen400, at the door Yen600
Reservation is not required

Official site URL

Not available

Events to Enjoy the Nature

3. Spring Fantasy at “Okayama Korakuen” Garden: 27th April – 6th May, 2018



“Okayama Koraku-en” Garden is one of the three great gardens in Japan. It was built by the feudal lord of Okayama and completed in 1700. It took 14 years to construct. The architectural design is called “Chisen-kaiyu-shiki” (go around the pond style). There is a historical pavilion where the feudal lord used to entertain important guests. At the event “Spring Fantasia” the garden and its background, the “Okanaya-jo” Castle are lit up from the other side of “Asahigawa” River, which gives off a fairytale-like scene. The “Okayama-jo” Castle was edified in the early 17th century. Having “Tenshu-kaku” (a main tower) in black, the castle is familiarly called “U-jou” or “Karasu-jo” (Crow Castle). Though final details have not yet been decided for this year, usually there are various events to experience the Japanese culture during the period. Even a bar called “Genso Bar” (Fantastical Bar) is open for service.


・Dates: 27th April (Fri) – 6th May (Sun), 2018
・Hours: 18:00 – 21:30 (last admission at 21:00)

Access & Address

・Venue: Okayama Kairaku-en Garden
・Direction from the nearest station
10minutes walk from “Omote-machi Iriguchi” Bus Stop
・Travel time from main terminal station
15minutes by train & walk from “Okayama” JR Station
・Address: 1-5 Koraku-en, Kita-ku, Okayama-city, Okayama

Admission fee & reservation

Adults Yen400, Senior (65 years old or above) Yen140 (Please show ID)
Senior high school students or under: Free (Please show ID)
Reservation not required

Official site URL


4. Tulip Festival at “Sera Kogen Nojo” Farm in Hiroshima Prefecture: 14th April – 13th May, 2018



“Sera Kogen Nojo” Farm situated in the east center of Hiroshima Prefecture is a touristic farm which extends for 150,000 square meters (around 180,000 square yards) in total. You will see a huge flower picture created by 200,000 tulips in the flower field over the hill. The flower picture covers an area of 15,000 square meters or 18,000 square yards. There is a hand-made wind mill as well. The theme of this year is “Beauties of Nature”. They arrange flower pictures with Japanese taste. In the summer you enjoy sunflowers and dahlias in the fall. The farm restaurant offers flower coffee and BBQ. “Sera Burger” won the 6th place at the Burger Grand Prix. It is worth a try. At the near-by “Michi-no Eki” (a rest area found along main roads and highways to promote local products initiated by the ministry in charge) you will find local fruits, vegetables and other products, and a rest area as well.


・Dates: 14th April (Sat) – 13th May (Sun), 2018
・Hours: 09:00 – 17:000

Access & address

・Venue: “Sera Kogen Nojo” Farm
・Direction from the nearest station
1hour 30minutes by car from “Hiroshima” JRStation
Approx. 40minutes by car from Hiroshima Airport
・Address: 1124-11 Betsusako, Sera-cho, Sera-gun, Hiroshima

Admission fee & reservation

Admission fee
Adults (senior high-school students or above): Yen800
Children (4 years old – elementary school students): Yen400
Reservation not required

Official site URL


5. “Sakura Boat” (pleasure boat) in the Spring in Yamaguchi Prefecture: Every Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays from 17th March through 31st May, 2018 (every day during cherry blossom season)



Let’s take a pleasure boat to enjoy cherry blossom along the River Nishiki-gawa and “Kintai-bashi” Bridge. The boat called “Yakata Bune” is a Japanese house boat with a roof and tatami mats where you enjoy drinks and meals. May is the ideal season for boat riding with new greens and soothing breeze. The “Kintai-bashi” Bridge is a wood-made bridge and one of the three great bridges of Japan, designated by the government as the place of Scenic Beauty. It was built in 1673 and rebuilt in 1953 because the original bridge was washed away by a typhoon in 1950. The original one lasted for 276 years without being washed away though renovations and repairs were done several times. The bridge extends for 210m long, 5m wide and the height of the base is 6.64m. It looks fabulous with the cherry blossom in the spring.


・Dates: Every Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays from 17th March through 31st May, 2018 and every day during cherry blossom season
・Hours: Short cruise (sharing) 11:00 – 17:00 (last cruise starts at 16:30)
     Hours may be extended till 21:00 during cherry blossom season
 Cruising time for 20minutes

Access & address

・Venue: Boarding at the “Iwakuni-jo” Castle side of the river and upper side of the “ Kintaikyo” Bridge
・Direction from the nearest station
Approx 10minutes walk from “Kawanishi” Station
・Travel time from main terminal station
Approx. 30 minutes by train & walk from “Iwakuni” JR Station
・Address: Iwakuni Kintai-bashi, Iwakuni-city, Yamaguchi

Admission fee & reservation

Admission: Adults (junior high-school students or above): Yen500
Elementary school students: Yen300
Reservation not required

Official site URL


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