“Kan-non-ji” Temple situated in “Yanaka” of “Yanese” area, has a unique plaster wall called “Tsukiji-bei” designated as a tangible cultural property.   It is also known for historical events. In this issue we introduce “Kan-nonji” temple and its episodes.

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About “Kan-non-ji” Temple

About “Kan-non-ji” Temple

“Kan-non-ji” Temple has a history of 400 years built around 1600. It faces a small road but easy to find the entrance. The entrance gate is not so big but the precinct is large and well maintained so that you can enjoy a nice promenade. A statue of “Kukai”, a great monk who made an enormous contribution to Japanese Buddhism, is placed in “Taishi-do”. “Hondo” (a main building of the temple) is magnificent. Surely “Kan-nonji” Temple is one of temples who represent “Yanaka”.

About “Kan-non-ji” Temple2

You can see historical things in “Kan-nonji” Temple. In particular, “Tsukiji-bei” is most famous. You can also find a pagoda for a memorial service of “Ako-roshi” ( Samurais of Ako Domain ) who took a revenge of their lord. This temple interests history fans. Further, its surrounding area is popular among many tourists for its ambience of old down-town.

Please pay attention that there are many temples in Japan with the same name of “Kan-non-ji” Temple. Don’t mix them up.

Highlights in “Kan-non-ji” Temple

”Tsukiji-bei”, important cultural property is a must see spot!

”Tsukiji-bei”, important cultural property is a must see spot!

Among other things in “Kan-non-ji” Temple, the main attraction is surely “Tsukiji-bei”. It is a unique plaster wall where mud and clay tiles are piled up alternatively and roofed with clay tiles. It is a southern part of the wall enclosing the temple and of 38m long. Having a history of 200 years and its architectural importance, “Kan-nonji” Temple is designated as Cultural Property.

”Ako-roshi” – self sacrificing Samurais who took revenge of their lord

”Ako-roshi” - self sacrificing Samurais who took revenge of their lord

image source: フォートラベル

In Japan “Ako-roshi” are legendary Samurai heroes who sacrificed themselves to take revenge of their lord. “Kan-noji” Temple is associated with them because they held meetings for their revenge plan in the temple. If you learn somewhat about “Ako-roshi”, your visit would be more interesting.

Information about “Kan-nonji” Temple

・Address: 5-8-28 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo

・Telephone: 03-3821-4053

・Hours: available all the time

・Holiday: open every day

・Direction (subway, bus)

7 minutes walk from “Nippori” JR Station

・Travel time from Haneda/Narita Airport, “Tokyo” Station

About 55minutes from Haneda Airport, about 60 minutes from Narita Airport, about 20minutes from “Tokyo” Station

・Official Site URL:http://yanaka-kannonji.jp