“Kimono” is a traditional Japanese costume.

The Japanese don’t wear “Kimono” in daily life, but for auspicious occasions like weddings. Also some professionals wear “Kimono” for their work such as “Okami” (a hostess) in a Japanese inn.

In Japan you can buy “Kimono” in specialized shops or old-clothes shop. Prices range from very expensive to quite reasonable. In this issue we introduce how to buy “Kimono” in Japan.

Can we buy “Kimono”?

Surely foreign tourists can buy “Kimono” at specialized shops or old-clothes shops. If the size fits you, you can buy it right way. In most cases however, you order “Kimono” for your size and it would take a half year or so to complete. There are shops where they will ship your “Kimono” when they are ready.

At the specialized shop you can buy “Kimono” in many varieties such as the one designated as “traditional crafts” by the government or local governments, “Yukata” rather simple one to wear in the Summer, etc.

There are some famous “Kimonos” of traditional craft such as “Yuzen” produced in Tokyo or Kyoto, “Tsumugi” in Ibaraki or Tochigi Prefecture. “Yukata” is available in all regions so that it is easy to buy.

Of course you can buy not so expensive “Kimono” as well. It is better that you decide what to buy before you shop.

How to Buy “Kimono” of Traditional Craft

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Many “Kimonos” of traditional craft are particular to certain regions. But you don’t have to go there to buy. There are shops nearby who specialize in this kind of “Kimono”, chain shops or individual ones. You can even buy through internet shopping.


How to Buy Affordable “Kimono”?

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Affordable “Kimonos” are mostly second hand. You can buy them at old-clothes shops or sometimes you find them at recycle shops.

In such main tourist destinations as Tokyo or Kyoto, there are many old-clothes shops. Why not check it up?


How to Buy “Yukata”?

“Yukata” is easier to buy than “Kimono” of traditional craft. You will find shops in old traditional towns such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Kamakura, etc.

Since “Yukata” is seasonal for the summer, the available stock may be limited depending on the season.


What is “Kimono”?

≫For more information about “Kimono”, please see the article “What is Kimono? : Traditional Japanese kimono culture”.