Uncountable tires in the park?!

Where do you usually see tires? The most common answer should be “cars” that we can see every day on the road. However, we discovered a place making use of great amount of tires in very unusal way. Not limited to Japan, probably there is nowhere else in this world where you can see so many tires being used this way. Curious about what it is? Go ahead!

Tire Park?!

Take a look at this movie, where you can see piled tires almost everywhere in the park. All play equipments with different functions are made of tires being piled or hung up.

Godzilla in the park?!

What a surprise! There is a Godzilla-alike monster in the park! With no exception, this monster is also all made up with countless amounts of tires from head to tail. Though it is just a tire monster, when staring at it up close, we are overwhelmed by its powerful circumstances.

A Robot in the Park?!

Here we have a tire-made robot, beside it is a pure black spaceship. We have no idea why he is here but undoubtedly, it is a good companion to play with for kids.

Count the number of tires!

How was it? Not everybody will experience visiting such place with tons of tires being used. Regarding the question of how many tires are acutally being used, we recommend you to confirm it with your own eyes. We recommend you to go there–Tire Park!

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