You should visit! Temples & Shrines in Asakusa -浅草待乳山聖天 (Asakusa Matsuchiyama Shoden)

It is said that, 待乳山聖天 Matsuchiyama Shoden  is a hidden sight in Asakusa. One of the浅草名所七福神Asakusameisho shichifukujin (Seven Lucky Gods) in Asakusa and a popular place where your wish comes true. At this temple, you offer raw Daikon (Japanese radish). Because of this you can see Daikon and the pouches everywhere at this temple.

About浅草待乳山聖天 (Asakusa Matsuchiyama Shoden)

Asakusa Matsuchiyama Shoden


Official name is本龍院(Honrhuin). The name待乳山聖天 (Matsuchiyama Shoden)

comes from the place which are located at a small hill待乳山(Matsuchiyama).

It is said that during the period of Empress Suiko the mountain suddenly raised itself from the earth, then a golden dragon appeared and protected it. Six years later when the land suffered from a severe drought, Eleven-Faced Kannon mercifully perceived the hardships of the people and appeared in the form of Daisho-Kangi- Ten to deliver immediate salvation. This is said to be the origin of the seating of Kangi-Ten on this mountain.

Asakusa Matsuchiyama Shoden


You see many daikon (Japanese radish) and pouches in various places of this temple.

They bring to you a good health, money and find a suitable candidate for marriage.

This location is one of the浅草名所七福神Asakusameisho shichifukujin (Seven Lucky Gods) in Asakusa, 毘沙門天(Bishamonten)

The reason why this temple is called power spot is Yokuyu  (oil-bathing) ritual.

The magical power of Shoden make your dream comes true. Visit this temple and get power!

Sightseeing spots

Yokuyu (oil-bathing) ritual, your wish will come true

Yokuyu (oil-bathing) ritual, your wish will come true


Yokuyu (oil-bathing) ritual is the most sacred ritual to honor. It offers every day in Matsuchi Yama to pray for the prompt fulfillment of all the wishes of the believers.  The temple accepts requests for Yokuyu anytime,and a seal or an amulet relic is awarded after the ritual is practiced for seven days. Impossible hope is said to be realized.

Let’s find Daikon(Japanese radish) and pouches

Let’s find Daikon(Japanese radish) and pouches


Coat of arms at the main hall, you see the pouch and bifurcated Daikon. It means the pouch is gold dust bag and is seen as a symbol of prosperity in business

The bifurcated Daikon shows health, live long in harmony with one’s spouse and other family members, and descendant’s prosperity. You can find the bifurcated Daikon and the pouches on the stairs, lanterns, the roof and incense burners.

Daikon ( Japanese radish) for offering

Daikon ( Japanese radish) for offering


The Daikon is not only a symbol it’s also offered. You can bring Daikon yourself or buy at the office at the temple. The Daikon is awarded after the pray is practiced. You can bring it back to home.

Everyone can join with Shakyo , religious service on Sunday

Everyone can join with Shakyo , religious service on Sunday


At Asakusa Matsuchiyama Shoden, every second Sunday of the month,
Shakyo (Sutra copying) is held. And also you can chant Buddhist sutra, listen to the speech about Buddha. Everyone is welcome. So let’s join!

浅草待乳山聖天(Asakusa Matsuchiyama Shoden) Detail

・Address 7-4-1 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo

・Tel      03-3874-2030

・Opening hours

Mail Hall【April – September】6:00AM~4:30PM

【October – March 】6:30AM~4:30PM

・No closing days

・How to reach(Subway)

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station: about 10 minutes on foot

Toei Subway Asakusa Line Asakusa Station : about 10 minutes on foot

Tobu Sky Tree Line Asakusa Staion about 10 minutes on foot

From Haneda Airport about 40 minutes

From Narita Airport about 70 minutes

From Tokyo Station about 25 minutes

・Official Site URL


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