## Asahiyu

Asahiyu is an old public bath established 100 years ago. A “Sento” is a public bath that has long existed in Japan. Asahiyu has kept the old-fashioned Sento style. Therefore, it gives off a nostalgic atmosphere for Japanese people. Due to that atmosphere, the place is often used for filming soap operas. Once you enter the bathroom, there waits a large bathtub. The bathtub itself is quite compact, however, the roof of the ceiling is high making the room feel spacious. The water used for the bath is pumped from a well. Also, there are various kinds of baths for you to enjoy anytime. There is a tourmaline bath and germanium bath that changes daily. Also, there are unique baths such as tea bath, sake bath, aloe bath, and ginger bath. There is a schedule posted on the official site, so you may want to check it beforehand.

Asahiyu also installed oxygen capsules and a magma spa when they had reformed the facility. Oxygen capsules relieves exhaustion, so it is recommended for relieving all of the fatigue from traveling. Magma spas have positive effects for losing weight and anti-aging. These are both facilities you would definitely want to try.

Detail of Asahiyu

Address2-18-7, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hoursWeekday 2PM to 1:30AM

Sat・Sun・Holiday 10AM to 1:30AM



If you want to try to take Sento, you can also join our tour, [“Nostalgic Town Walk Yanaka”](https://www.magical-trip.com/experiences/tokyo-yokohama/nostalgic-town-walk-yanaka/460ceb6f-0099-47a6-a447-2de274da7e9f). You can go to Yanaka, old and famous town of Tokyo, and enjoy your time at a traditional Sento.