Though「Yanaka-ginza」is located in Tokyo, with a local atmosphere. Yanaka-ginza is also famous for a location where many cats come together. That’s why there are many souvenir stores with a cat motive.

For sweets lovers , recommended to visit「やなか しっぽや(Yanaka sippoya)」 where you can buy souvenirs related to cats.

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やなかしっぽや (Yanaka sippoya)

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「やなかしっぽや(Yanaka sippoya)」is located in Yanaka-ginza shopping street where you can buy mainly Donuts.

When you think about the shape of the donuts, most of them are a ring. But donuts of “Yanaka sippoya” are quite different.

The shape of donuts which you can buy at “Yanaka sippoya” looks like the shape of a cats’ tale. Sippo means tale.

You also can see the pattern of the cats pressed in the donuts. It looks very cute!

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You can buy more than 10 kinds of donuts at “Yanaka sippoya”. All of them have a different taste. Will make a hard choice.

Soft texture of these donuts are made of special wheat named 「あやひかり(Ayahikari)」.「きび糖(kibito/cane sugar)」from Amami Islands, and 「てんさい糖(tensaito/beet sugar)」from Hokkaido. These donuts are not fried but baked.

Healthy, soft texture and soft sweetness. So that these donuts are very popular among

Yanaka-ginza shopping street.

Most popular donuts is「とら(Tora)」

Source: Yanaka ginza

Most popular donuts of “Yanaka sippo” is 「Tora」.130 yen per piece.

「Tora」is made by imagining of a 「とらねこ(tora neko)- tabby」.

Inside of the donuts is a mixture of white chocolate chips with a cacao print of cats on it

A little bit bitter taste and sweet white chocolate keep good balance and is delicious.

If you have difficulties to choose – you should try 「とら(tora)」.

Many people love「きゃめる(camel)」

Source:Yanaka ginza

Children to elderly people all love 「きゃめる (camel)」 donuts of “Yanaka sippoya”.130 yen per stick.

On the 「きゃめる(camel) 」donuts there is a stamp of cat’s foot print on it. Donut dough is plane with a caramel filling inside. Besides these donuts are salted. This filling of caramel and salt are an excellent tasty combination.

It’s recommend you buy this with「とら(Tora) 」.

Yanaka sippoya Detail

  • Typical Products:baked donuts「とら(tora)」「きゃめる(camel)」

and more than 10 kinds of baked donuts.

  • Opening hour:

Week day 10:00-18:00

Saturday, Sunday & National Holiday 10:00-19:00

  • Closed on : Irregular holidays


  • Address: 3-11-12 Yanaka Taito-ku Tokyo
  • Tel:03-3822-9517
  • How to reach :JR Nippori station West Exit

Go through the Yanaka-ginza shopping street 6 minutes on foot

  • Travel Time from Haneda / Narita Airport, Tokyo Station:

From Haneda Airport about 45 minutes

From Narita Airport about 60 minutes

From Tokyo station about 20 minutes


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