There are many places that you can experience Japanese culture in Japan. If you are focusing sites in Tokyo, you must visit Tsukiji Market because you can experience something special about Japanese food culture.

I would tell you about two must try experiences: observation of fish auction and make your own sushi.

An energetic auction! Maguro no Seri

You can observe famous tuna fish auctions at Tsukiji market.

“Maguro no Seri” (tuna fish auction) is auction style trading between tuna fish sellers and owners of sushi restaurants and fishmongers. The highest bidder can have the product.

The energetic trading style is very well known.

Bidders gather around a line of tuna fish, an auctioneer can start the auction. Once it starts, you can hear an echoing of loud voices speaking in special language.

You can not experience this in any other market, so you must come and visit this unique experience.

about observation of fish auction

first auction:AM5:25~5:50
second auction:AM5:50~6:20
please check official web site calendar
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Be sushi chef experience “Nigiri Sushi Taiken”

Source: JAPAN Style Hounichi business eye

In Tsukiji Market, there are many places you can enjoy great seafood: rice bowls and sushi. Moreover, you can make them as well.

You can try to make nigiri sushi. Nigiri sushi (nigirizushi) is seafood on top of a small ball of sushi vinegar rice. Few sushi places in the market would be offering this unique epicenes.

Tourists can dress up as sushi chef, a professional sushi chef is going to teach you how to make them. Some of the experience packages include making sushi rolls as well as normal sushi.

The traditional Japanese cuisine sushi, why don’t you learn how to make them as well as eating them.

Sushi chef experience “Nigiri Sushi Taiken”

Depending on shops
ask shops directly

details about Tsukiji


Tsukiji chuo Tokyo

・ how to get there
Toei Ohedo line, Tsukiji station: 1 min walk
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Tsukiji station: 1 min walk
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho station, Shintomicho station: 5 min walk
From south exit of Tokyo Main station: get on Tobus 04 Toyomisushisannfuto or Tobus 05 Harumifuto then get off at Tsukiji 3 chome
From Haneda airport and Tokyo Main station
Haneda airport:about 40min
Narita airport:about 90min
Tokyo Main station :about 20min

・Official website


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