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【Tokyo Night Life】Highlight Events in Nightclub for October (w/Photos)

Want to enjoy the local night life of Japan during your travels? October is Halloween season, and various Halloween themed events will be held. I, Yasuko, the local guide and club worker will guide you through the highlight events in Tokyo.

【Shibuya】10/28, 10/31 Awa Halloween(Foam party)

source:club asia

In recent years, the “Awa-party (Awapa)” has become a famous foam party in Asia. Many young people come seeking this unique experience of dancing while being rained on by the foam (awa). The October Halloween theme is TRICK (mischief) and zombie dressed staff will cover you in foam. There are also Halloween themed suprises for you to enjoy. Be sure to dress up in a costume and enjoy partying with the local youngsters.

PLACE:club asia
2017-10-28 SAT OPEN:22:00
2017-10-31 TUE OPEN:23:00
PRICE: M 3000yen F 2000yen (Adv.)

【Shin-Kiba】10/27~28 THE BEST #ageHalloween17 -MYSTICAL MAGIC-


The Halloween event at the largest club in Japan, Shinkiba ageHa will go on for two days. DJ KAORI’s legendary party “BIG PARTY” will be on the first day and the producer of Kyary pamyu pamyu, Asobisystem’s “ASOBINITE!!!” will be on the second day. In addition to a discount for those in costumes, be sure to be a part of the selfie contest. Shinkiba is a bit far from the center of the city, but shuttle buses go from Shibuya so access it from there!

PLACE:Shinkiba ageHa
OPEN:10/27 23:00 10/28 21:00
International Coupon (For All Foreign I.D Holders)

【Shinjuku Ni-Chome】10/20 FANTAST!C TOKYO


Don’t be worried since there will be a Halloween party at the recently popular tourist spot, Shinjuku Nichome. In AiSOTPE LOUNGE, a “crazy circus” themed costume party will be held. Besides the DJ, GOGO Boys, drag queens, pole dances and comedian shows for you to enjoy! Make sure to go in a costume for the discount, and enjoy the atmosphere of Shinjuku Nichome.
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〒160-0022 2-12-16 Shinjuku | St. Four Building 1F
DOOR:3500yen(Excludes Costume Discount)

●【Shibuya】10/13 GIRLS FESTIVAL

Popular party hosted at VISION located in Dogenzaka, Shibuya. Females have a free entrace fee, so many girls gather at this club. If you want to meet local girls, this is a must attend event! The most well known Japanese female, DJ KAORI and popular celebrity, Fujii Takashira will have shows for you to enjoy.

Web: vision-tokyo
DATE:2017-10-13 FRI
GIRLS ENTRANCE FREE (Seperate 1 Drink Order)

【Aoyama】10/20 Mika Ninagawa x Sofia Rodina at Bcc Fiesta

Japan’s leading photographer and filmmaker, Mika Ninagawa known for her creative impactful pieces that use polar colors, will have a showing that utilizes music and hundres of photographs. A guaranteed valubale visual experience.

The DJ in charge of this event is from Russia, Sofia Rodina, a rising star who is creating a new wave of music. Be sure to enjoy the music that blends House and Techno with beautiful Japanese photos.

PLACE:VENT(Festa Omotesando Bldg. B1 | 3-18-19 Minamiaoyama)
DATE:2017-10-20 FRI

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