“Kimono” is Japanese original national costume and also called as “wafuku”. “Juban” is underwear and put “nagagi”, something like a bathrobe. Then, put long obi which is about 30cm. In old days, Japanese used to wear as daily wear. Currently, it is worn for special wear and official wear for traditional event. Unique shape and design of kimono is recognized as the symbol of Japanese culture.

3 possible things to do with kimono

Wear kimono and experience tea ceremony

For the hospitality to make tea at “sado” (tea ceremony), kimono is an official wear. People who wear kimono make tea at small tea ceremony room with tatami. You might have seen the scenes. If you would like to “experience real tea ceremony” in Japan, the set tour of kimono rental and tea ceremony experience lesson is recommended.  You can wear your favorite kimono selected in advance and go directly to tea ceremony lesson to learn the manner and experience.


Experience dyeing

Kimono is made from the cloth “tanmono”, which are dyed by several traditional ways. To enjoy kimono, let’s try dyeing to make kimono cloth. “Shiborizome” is the way to tie the cloth and change pattern. “Katanukizome” is the way to use the patterned type. There are many ways. It is difference among the region and you can experience in around 3000yen.


Take picture at photo studio

There are many kimono rentals and wearing service shops which also have photo studios. As long as you wear kimono, why not have professional photos and make it a great memory. These studios not only have beautiful kimono but also has photo shooting accessories such as ougi and katana.  With wearing ideal kimono, there is a plan which you can be samurai and oiran like Japanese movie. Depends on the photo shooting plan and kimono, you can enjoy from several thousand yen to 20000yen.


What is kimono?

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