“Kimono” is Japanese original national costume. Wear “nagagi”, something like a bathrobe with long obi which is about 30cm. In old days, Japanese used to wear as daily wear. Currently, it is worn for special wear and official wear for traditional event. Tea ceremony, which has a unique style to serve tea for customer is also done with Japanese traditional wear, Kimono. There is a special small room to have tea ceremony and Japanese make serve tea there. It is recognized as the symbol of Japanese culture and art.

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Experience tea ceremony

Sado (tea ceremony) is Japanese original hospitality ceremony and traditional performance. It is said at 1500 times, Senno Rikyu, the Osaka businessman, established current prototype of tea ceremony. tea ceremony, from the taste and person of making tea to the tool and interior of tea ceremony room, includes artistic essence. The kind of tea to make is matcha, which is major for foreigners. At tea ceremony experience, with having sweets and matcha at real tea ceremony room, you can learn Japanese traditional tea ceremony’s manner. Also, from teacher, you can experience not only drinking but also making tea. By wearing Kimono and experiencing tea ceremony, you will get to know the deep part of Japanese culture and tea ceremony.

To experience tea ceremony, reserve in advance is recommended

<TOKYO&YOKOHAMA>Yukata (Casual Kimono) Wearing Lesson & Tea Ceremony


The course is to wear relatively casual Kimono “Yukata” and 90 minutes tea ceremony experience. It is 14240yen. You can learn how to wear Yukata which you borrow by yourself and the manner of tea ceremony. Matcha and Japanese sweets are included in the course.

Tea Ceremony Koto with Master of Tea


At Kyoto, one of the historical towns in Japan, together with having “Ippodo” matcha, which is famous special Japanese tea shop, you can learn tea ceremony in English. It is 3000yen. With 45 minutes experience, you can learn the history and meaning of the style of tea.

Tea Ceremony with Yukaya & Kimono Tour


This is the 120 minutes could. You can wear the Yukata which you selected and experience tea ceremony. Together with the professional support, you can wear Yukata and then by following the tea ceremony manner, have matcha and Japanese sweets. It is 6800yen. There is a pickup service to JR Kyoto station.

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Tea Ceremony Koto with Master of Tea

Tea Ceremony with Yukata&Kimono Tour

Yukata (Casual Kimono) Wearing Lesson & Tea Ceremony

What is Kimono?

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