Horror movies are a type of movie that uses fear to get your heart pumping, and Japanese horror movies, “J-Horror”, are gaining popularity throughout the world. The secret to J-Horror’s popularity is visualizing a beauty of a ghost tale while describing it as a real story, like the famous movie, “Ring”. In this article, we would like to introduce J-horror.

Why are scary J-Horror?

Japanese horror movies are known to be scary. Overseas horror movies are often active “slusher” horrors that sometimes involve zombies and fighting. On the other hand, Japanese horror movies are more psychological giving you a sense of insidious fear that grows in you as the movie progresses. And J-Horror not only scares you, but appeals to your heart psychologically and captures your interest unexpectedly.

Scared enough that you can’t sleep!: 5 Japanese Horror Movies

1. Ring

source: CIA こちら映画中央情報局です

You will die in 1 week when you watch “the video”…after some high school students incurred mysterious deaths, a journalist struggles to learn about Sadako Yamamura, the dead girl in the video. The journalist and her friend believe that the curse could be lifted if Sadako’s body was found and returned. After they found Sadako’s body, the journalist thought the curse was lifted; she did not die after watching the video, however…

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2. Ju-on: the Grudge

source: AMP

After Kayako is killed in a jerous rage by her husband, he is also found dead. This movie is about a curse that is created when someone dies in the grip of rage. Those who come across this powerful force also soon die in a similar fashion. And this curse remains at the place it happens and is passed on to those who encounter this supernatural force.

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3. Dark Water

source: dtv

Yoshimi, in the middle of divorce proceedings, moves to an apartment with her daughter, Ikuko. One day, Yoshimi finds a red children’s bag on the rooftop, and she finds out that Mistuko Kawai, a girl that used to go to same kindergarten as Ikuko, went missing two years ago. Soon after, Ikuko strangely starts talking to an imaginary friend. At last, the spirit of Mitsuko appears to talk to Ikuko. Yoshimi prevents Ikuko from being taken away by sacrificing. 10 years later, Ikuko visits the ruined apartment to find her mother’s spirit there.

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4. Noroi: The Curse

source: niconico live

Kobayashi is an investigator of paranormal. One day Kobayashi receives a request to investigate the legend of a demon called “Kagutaba”. Misterious things begin to happen as Kobayashi learns more about this demon. Later, Kobayashi’s home burns in a mysterious fire and his body is never found.

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5. Audition

source: CIA こちら映画中央情報局です

After losing his wife, Aoyama, decides to begin dating again with the help of film producer friend. With the help of this friend, they set up fake movie auditions to meet women. Through these auditions, he meets Sami and soon begins a relationship. He soon finds out she is not who she appears to be, and he finds himself in a very tense and dangerous relationship.

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