Harajuku style originated in Harajuku. In Omotesando, there are many fashion buildings such as Omotesando Hills and Laforet Harajuku. If you want reasonable one, go to Takeshita-dori Street to get cheap and nice secondhand clothes. In a back street, so called “Urahara”, you can visit see cool shops. Just by taking a walk around, you can see Japanese most advanced fashion.

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Discover Unique Styles on Harajuku Kawaii Fashion & Pop-culture Tour

A Japanese word “Kawaii”, meaning “Prettiness” in English, is now spread around the world. If you want to know what Kawaii is, let’s visit Harajuku and participate in Harajuku waking tour with a tour guide. You will find deep and profound Kawaii things there.

Lolita Fashion

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Lolita fashion is one of the styles that have been fashion from 1990 onward. Lolita fashion is characterized by the innocent prettiness like a girl or cute devilish beauty. The admiration and creativity for Western cultures drives this style. This past-oriented but with Japanese modern interpretation street fashion is so popular among teenagers. Lolita fashion funs are not only Japanese but also people around the world. It is also called “girlish clothes for adult”.

Cyber Fashion


Cyber fashion is one of the fashion styles called Harajuku-kei fashion or KERA-kei fashion. It is also called “Cyber-kei” or just “Cyber”. The theme of this style is science fiction. In U.S. or UK, hipsters who go to club events wear cyber fashion to appeal their individuality. Although there are cyber fashion funs even in Japan, in comparison with U.S. or UK the number is much smaller and would be unfamiliar to almost all of Japanese people. You can get them go to KERA shops that specialize in Lolita fashion or gothic and Lolita fashion. You can of course find some web site where you can buy them online.

Punk Fashion

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Punk fashion originally derived from punk rock. But now this movement is regarded as one different from the music. Actually some of punk fashion funs are not interested in punk rock. In japan, this style is regarded as one of subcultures and is closely connected with gothic Lolita fashion, and so people call those categories “Goth-Loli” and “Loli-Pun”. Generally these clothes come with black-colored leather and studs, but recently colorful “African Punk” is getting popular.

What in the World Is Harajuku Style Fashion After All?

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Harajuku Style Fashion has many categories such as Lolita, Cyber and Punk. Some are mixed and others are pretty independent. However the one common concept of Harajuku style fashion is that they are all unique and all creative. Harajuku style lovers enjoy wearing clothes by taking in what touches their senses to express themselves without caring about what others think. That would be a original idea of Harajuku style.