When someone ask about beverage with a high alcohol content, many people will answer "vodka" or" Tequila".
Chugging tequila…going to be a headache almost for sure.

Because these two beverage content alcohol 40% ! Most of Japanese can't drink high percentage alcoholic beverage so that these are dangerous drunk for Japanese.(haha)

But… Do you know much higher alcohol content alcoholic beverage in the world?

Today I'll show you the most high alcohol content alcoholic beverage in the world Top10.
Absolutely don't chug!


"CADENHEAD'S ENMORE" ranked 10th! Alcohol content is 30 % higher than Vodka &Tequila. The alcohol content is 72.5%.

This is the 10th place… when you think about other 9… horrible. Anyway, I'll show you about
common alcohol content so that you can find how high alcoholic percentage these are.

common alcohol content
Beer that most Japanese prefer. If it is 4%, this rum origin of France Versailles is 18 times more,

Versailles distillery is currently closed. So that it very high scarcity value rum. Therefore it is also popular as a collection.

CADENHEAD'S products are here

9th CARONI old vintage rum [75.5%]

The rum from Caroni distillery in Trinidad and Tobago bottled in the UK "CARONI old vintage rum".
This is also a rare rum that is not currently produced due to the closure of the distillery.
It is said that the strong taste is just like petroleum.
If you put on a fire it will sure burn well.(haha)

By the way this is the Caroni which you can get easily.

source: amazon

The alcohol content is 55%. Bottling "single domain rum" which was carefully selected by many years of research and tasting. It's popular as high quality rum.

Caroni from Trinidad and Tobago. Try this one.

8th "STROH 80 original [80%]

It's burning… burning?? Yes. It's really burning. You can ask yourself. Is it a liquor or fire lighter fluid?
"STROH 80 original" is the 8th place. Despite the cute name alcohol content 80%. It's also rum. Some rum contain extremely high alcohol.

Although it is not familiar in Japan, you can find 1940 result of " #stroh80" by Instagram.
When you see the pictures, they use it for cocktail, drink with sweets or burning. It seems that
popular rum which is used in a variety of places in foreign countries.

7th Hapsburg Absinthe Red Label [85%]

This is an herbal liqueur which is mainly produced in Europe called Absinthe. This Red Label
is after soaking worm wood into alcohol, added about 17 kinds of herbs such as clove, peppermint, parsley, coriander and others.

Aroma that smells faintly and a bittersweet flavor. It seems to be good for your health, but
don't drink too much.

5th Balkan 176 vodka [88%]

source: amazon

This "Balkan 176 vodka" is a premium vodka which use high-quality barley from Bulgaria and
bottled after three consecutive distillations.
Quite new brand from 2002. Simple yet sophisticated design.

Popular vodka that you can enjoy the taste of good grains.

The alcohol content is 88%. More than double the average vodka. I recommend this for vodka lovers.

5th Dover Spirits 【88 %】

source: amazon

You might think that this spirits came from the UK because of the name of Dover.
This liquor is actually made in Japan.
The alcohol content is 88%. It has ranked the same 5th place with "BALKAN 176 VODKA".

If you mix with a fruit-based alcoholic beverage such as wine, you can expect to save effect increases the low alcohol content. This kind of usage can be done only by alcoholic beverage which contains a high proportion of alcohol.

I also recommend you to drink this from Dover series.


source: amazon

The alcohol content is 45%. It sounds low alcohol content. (haha). This rum cherish that it is natural. The characteristic points are natural amber color by barrel storage and rich aroma.
Tasty as you drink it with snacks, so please try it. Don't drink too much! (haha)

4th Hapsburg Absinthe Extra Strong 【89.9 %】

source: nomooo

Premium version of 7th place "Hapsburg Absinthe Red Label". This series has a rich variety. There are many shops where you can buy in Japan. So it's easy to have one.

The alcohol content is 89.9%. You can enjoy aroma and bitter taste. The name was changed
"Premium reserve" into" Extra strong". This beverage contents a high percentage alcohol. So please be careful.

3rd Knokeen Poceen【90 %】

source: amazon

Finally the alcohol content is 90%! Is it not an "Industrial alcohol"? Extreme high percentage!

This "Knokeen Poceen" has soft taste instead of high alcohol content. Beside it colorless and transparent so that it suit for making cocktail.
As ingredients, malt · barley and common wild oat which is not common in Japan. You can feel Ireland.

In Ireland, someone drink this spirit drink on straight…
Danger! Don't do that!

2nd Everclear【95 %】

Neutral spirit from US. "Everclear". At some states of the United States, it not allowed to sell this spirit because of high percentage of alcohol content.
You cannot buy this in Japan. It is said that it smells like a kind of rubber and does not tasty.
If they say so, I want to try one. Don't you think so? (haha)

By the way a ROCK band named "Everclear" is in the US. That I don't mean drink this spirit on the ROCKS. Drink mixed with something and enjoy it!

1st Spirytus【96 %】

source: amazon

No.1 is off course the highest alcohol content alcoholic beverage in the world, "Spirytus" from

This spirit made through more than 70 distillations is medical use or for fruit liquor. So that don't chug it.
If you do so, in Poland you will be laughed at. They think you as "a person who don't know how to drink Spirytus". Or burn your throat with alcohol and you will suffer from fever and pain.

When you want to enjoy to drink Spirytus, mixed with non-alcoholic drinks. Because of high
alcoholic percentage, even if you mix lots of non-alcoholic drinks you still can taste alcohol.
It also nice to drink as cocktail. Some person enjoy it mixed with white wine. They say that it taste delicious so that you cannot stop drinking. Enjoy drink this spirit on your own way.

In addition, smokers should be careful. Spirytus ignites even by a small spark. So don't smoke a cigarette when you drink Spirytus. No fires!


Well…What an alcoholic beverage with high alcohol content. Catch fire in your alcohol!
Please enjoy these alcoholic beverage mixed with non-alcohol drank. Do not chug. It is not cool to use alcohol as a tool to be just drunk.
Please enjoy the unique taste of each alcoholic beverage. By the way, when you drink beverage with such high alcohol content, you don't taste, right? (haha)

Pease let me say it once again. Absolutely do not chug.