Hello! Do you drink premium shōchū? I seldom drink them. (haha) Because it is difficult to get or too expensive. So that you can't drink them easily, don't you think so?

However, if you enjoy it on a special occasion such as party, it will make that time even more special.

Today I'll show you about 10 premium shōchū so that you don't make mistake for choosing.

I would be pleased if it helps for you to choose one. So let's begin!


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"Hyakunen-no-kodoku" definitely caused a shōchū trend. Use barley shōchū "nakanaka" as undiluted shōchū.

Completed by sufficient aging "Nakanaka" which made with handmade koji and carefully selected barley.

Really deep fragrance, sweet and mellow taste just like fruits. It sophisticated taste like whisky and you cannot taste any other else.

2. Rokasezu

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"Rokasezu" means no filtration. It made with white koji and level of alcohol 35%.
The best potato shōchū.

You can enjoy the original taste of potato, sweetness and richness. Drink this when you unsatisfied shōchū which you usually drink. Classical taste continue to fascinate shōchū fans.

It not a same types of sake that pursuing smoothness which is increasing in recent years.
The crispy taste once you drink it you'll be a fan.


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"Mitake" is made with natural water of Yakushima which is selected "the Select Best Waters of Japan ", carefully selected sweet potatoes and white koji.

Well-balanced shōchū of Fresh, relish taste and elegant fragrance. Standard of potato shōchū.
However the brewer make them not so much so that it is getting rare brands.

Shōchū which grown by majestic nature of Yakushima. It made with their rich water.
Please try if you have never drunk before it will difficult to get.

4. Torikai

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"Torikai" is a rice shōchū for new generation. In 1996, this shōchū received Grand Gold by "Monde Selection the Quality Awards". So that it became popular brand worldwide.

The fragrance is between Ginjo-shu and rice shōchū. Elegant and fruity fragrance is only you can enjoy from Torikai.

Drink this shōchū and find difference from other shōchū by yourself.


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"Isami" is a " pioneer of premium shōchū". They have already used black koji when most brewers used white koji. Traditional simple mellow taste that is typical potato shōchū .Besides this shōchū has rich taste that is why it is so popular for many years.

Reasonable price as premium shōchū . So this popular one is for premium shōchū beginners.

6. Jūyon-dai"

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TAKAGI SHUZO in Yamagata which make famous sake "Jūyon-dai" also make premium rice shōchū "Jūyon-dai". They make only a little shōchū so that it is difficult to get more than their sake "Jūyon-dai". This shōchū has a fruity fragrance just like ginjo-shu. And its characteristic point is no strong but elegant rich taste.

Shōchū just like sake…When you drink it you can find different feeling about shōchū.
I want everyone to drink it not only for " Jūyon-dai" fans, but also for those who are not.

7. Sato black

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"Sato black" is an authentic potato shōchū with black koji made by "satohshuzo". You can
smell sweet potato and you also can find crispy compare to "sato white" with white koji.

This strong taste of potato with black koji. We recommend the person who wants to enjoy
to drink potato shōchū.

Shōchū on the rocks or when you drink shōchū mixed with hot water, soft sweetness spreads slowly in your mouth and you can enjoy luxury after taste.


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Quite popular three potato shōchū called "3M". One of them is "Murao". It made and (if possible) delivered by representative "murao shuzo" ,"Mr.Toshihiko Murao "alone.
So that is scarcity value.

Good balance of smooth and sweet fresh potato taste.

It made using the traditional pot. This shōchū that "Mr.Toshihiko Murao" made with special care, you can enjoy shōchū on the rocks, with water or straight. When you drink it with warm water, you can taste more potato. Let's try.

Well-balanced shōchū. Please find your favorite way of drinking!


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One of the "3M". "Maō " is a potato shōchū brewed by Shiratama Jōzō. Mao is named after the devil that tempts an angel and brings special sake to the Makai world.

You don't smell potato. It tastes like a fruit. This smoothly shōchū may no longer be anymore potato shōchū.

We recommend this shōchū for the person who has never drunk potato shōchū. You can enjoy drink it with water, soda or on the rocks.

For the person who has never tasted "3 M", I suggest you to try this " Maō".


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The three premium potato shōchū "3M". "Maō""Murao" and the most popular one is this "Moriizou". Elegant flavor and mellow taste are the charactistic points of this shōchū.

You can drink it with any kinds of dishes and it makes your meals even richer.

Using sweet potatoes from contracted farmer and it has been brewed carefully in a traditional
pot. Each one is made with time and effort.

Extraordinary popular this shōchū, you only can buy 0.2% chance on the official sales price.
Market price is around 13,000 yen.

That is the premium potato shōchū. It might be expensive. However when you drink it, you can immediately understand the worth.


How about that? Do you find your favorite premium shōchū?

All of them, "3M" and other premium shōchū are unique so I want to drink them all in my life. Don't you think so? (haha)

Enjoy premium shōchū as much as possible and expand your shōchū world!

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