Akiyoshi, Yakitori restaurant in Fukui most locals know

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Akiyoshi is a famous yakitori chain restaurant. There are currently more than 100 Akiyoshi restaurants in Japan, most are in Fukui where there are 30 restaurants. Akiyoshi has a flagship restaurant in Fukui. It is particularly popular in Fukui. Almost all people of Fukui knows Akiyoshi. At some of Akiyoshi restaurants, there is sometimes a long line of customers even if it’s daytime on weekdays. By all means you should try the yakitori of Akiyoshi when you visit Fukui. Here, we describe the Akiyoshi and yakitori of Akiyoshi.

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Akiyoshi, the most popular Yakitori restaurant in Fukui

![Akiyoshi Fukui Katamachi](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812389/aebcc0a5_m33uxh.jpg)
Akiyoshi is a very popular yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant chain around the Fukui. Akiyoshi started in 1959. The first restaurant that opened is in Fukui. Their slogan on their signboard is “Yakitori no Meimon” which means “Prestigious Yakitori”. They are highly confident in yakitori.

Like the slogan, yakitori is very popular around Fukui. In particular, “Jun Kei” is the most popular item at Akiyoshi. “Jun Kei “means the female parent chicken. Akiyoshi selects best female chicken carefully for “Jun Kei” and seasons it with salt. Many people want to eat it again because it’s perfectly crunchy and oily.

In addition to the chicken, Akiyoshi provides grilled skewers and vegetables. There is also delicious cucumbers which is good for cleansing palate. The taste and texture is so refreshing which makes customers want to eat another yakitori.

In Fukui, Akiyoshii is so popular that it has a long lines of customers in the daytime on weekdays. You should see and enjoy the yakitori and atmosphere of Akiyoshi when you visit Fukui.

Yakitori (grilled chicken pieces), must-eat local food in Fukui

![Akiyoshi Yakitori](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812394/02-Akiyoshi-Yakitori_syce7p.jpg)
Yakitori is a cooking style which is small cut of chickens grilled in burning fire and stabbed to a skewer. The taste and texture is different depending on the body part of the chicken, and breast meat and leg meat is most common for yakitori.

Different style of grilling leads to difference in taste and texture. Therefore it’s important how to stab it to skewer appropriately in order to bake yakitori uniformly and how to bake it tasty. As for the way of baking, it seems good to bake it on a charcoal fire. It enables us to cook it in a short time and improve the texture of surface of yakitori.

It’s common that we season yakitori with sauce or salt. As for sauce, in most cases we use a distinctive sauce based on soy sauce. Also in some cases we use mustard and wasabi. In any case, the difference about how to season it and timing of seasoning can lead to differences of taste. Also we can enjoy the different flavors of the same type of yakitori with different type of seasonings.

Yakitori means grilled chicken, but there are a yakitori made by beef or pork, which is small pieces of beef or pork grilled and stabbed to a skewer. Also it’s very popular to eat a soft pork and juicy beef as yakitori.

Yakitori at Akiyoshi

![Akiyoshi Sauce](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812385/03-Akiyoshi-Sauce_en9noo.jpg)
Akiyoshi selects good chickens carefully and cook them in a best way. “Jun Kei” is a popular menu, but it was not considered the best for food because it of its stiff parts. However Akiyoshi found that it can be original menu and they can cook it tastefully in their original way.

You should use mustard in yellow dish to eat Jun Kei and yakitori grilled with salt such as Sasami. It gives good taste which includes accent of mustard in addition to the refreshing flavor of salt and natural taste of meat. In addition, it is possible to eat it more deliciously when you add the seasoning of “Nin Niku Namba” which is a garlic sauce. However, be careful not to use mustard too much or else it will become spicy.

When you eat yakitori grilled with sauce like Negima, you should use Niku Tare in the blue dish. The tasteful sauce really fits meat.

Also Akiyoshi provides Kushi Katsu, fried meats stabbed to a skewer, and original sauce for Kushi Katsu in a red dish. Besides, there is another sauce in a green dish, which is good for Mino and Pi-toro. It has a bit acidity and we can enjoy the accent of tanginess. You should enjoy various tastes according to your taste.

It should be noted that we have to order yakitori by 5 units at Akiyoshi. It’s fast to provide yakitori after the order, we can enjoy eating yakitori in a good pace. After eating yakitori we can put the skewer into a cylindrical case on the table. You can eat yakitori smoothly at Akiyoshi, so you might be surprised to find lots of skewers after you finished your meal.

Other foods at Akiyoshi

![Akiyoshi cucumber](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812380/04-Akiyoshi-cucumber_znojff.jpg)
In Akiyoshi there are some nice foods other than yakitori.

As for fried food, Akiyoshi provides Kushi Katsu, fried young chicken, fried vegetables and fried tofu etc. In addition, they provide Japanese omelette, cucumbers and cabbage which are good for cleansing pallet after eating a lot of yakitori. They select fresh vegetables and places to produce them according to the season. For the last meal, they provide rice, red miso soup, Ochazuke of grilled rice ball. Ochazuke is rice with tea poured on it. It is a satisfying closure to the end of a meal.

There is also a abundance of liquor. Sake, beer, distilled spirits, wine, plum wine, and whiskey are in stock. Dishes such as yakitori really fits with alcohol drinks, so you might drink a lot when you go eat there.

As a further novelty menu, Akiyoshi in Taneike, Fukui provide original hamburgers. There are yakitori burger, Katsu burger and Akiyoshi burger. There is a Karaoke next to this branch in Taneike, which is a very unique concept.

Prices of Akiyoshi

The attractiveness of Akiyoshi is that the prices are reasonable. Although there is a little difference among the region, overall price is not high.

For example, in the case of the Akiyoshi Fukui Station shop, Jun Kei costs 320 yen per 5 skewers. That means about 60 yen per skewer. Therefore even if you eat 30 yakitori, you have to pay only less than 2,000 yen. Other menu is also quite reasonable. For example, Kushi Katsu is around 300 yen per 5 skewers.

Beer (middle mug) is 470 yen. Japanese sake (large) is 490 yen.

Therefore, we can enjoy fully if we pay 2,000 yen for lunch and 3,000 yen for dinner.

Opening hours and location of Akiyoshi

Opening hours of Akiyoshi is different according to the shop and day. Here we introduce the opening hours and locations of main shops in Fukui. However please be careful that opening hours and regular holiday can be changed.

Akiyoshi Fukui Station shop

Ote, Fukui city 2-5-16

Phone number

Opening hours
5 pm to 11:30 pm
public holiday
5 pm to 11:30 pm

Closed day

Fukui katamachi shop

Junka, Fukui 2-chome, 7-1

Phone number

Open hours
Weekdays, Friday-Saturday
5:30 pm to 2:30 am

Closed day

New akiyoshi shop

Ote, Fukui 3-12-20 Hotel Fujita Fukui 2F

Phone number

Open hours
Weekdays, Friday-Saturday
5 pm to 11 pm

Closed days

Tanaike shop

Taneike, Fukui 2-chome, 712

Phone number

Open hours
5 pm to 11:30 pm
Sundays and public holidays
4 pm to 10:30 pm

Closed days
(if Monday is holiday or the previous day of holiday, it will open Monday)

Karaokeland shop

Taneike, Fukui 2-chome, 712

Phone number

Open hours
5 pm to 12:00 am
Sundays and public holidays
4 pm to 11 pm

Closed day
(if Monday is holiday or the previous day of holiday, it will open Monday)

Reviews of Akiyoshi

What kind of impressions did the visitors of Akiyoshi have.Following are some reviews that might be helpful if you are planning to visit Akiyoshi in the future.

Lindaaaaa-L visited with friend

yakitori is 300 yen per 5 units, which is quite reasonable. It’s always hot because of the hot plate. Cucumber, grilled vegetables and Kushi Katsu is delicious too! Basically we cannot make booking of Akiyoshi, but only the shop in front of the Fukui station allows to make booking, it’s convenient.

Panda 3 visited with partner

I asked for hotel where I can eat yakitori, then they introduced this restaurant. It was the first time for me to order yakitori by 5 units, but 1 unit is not too large, so I could enjoy it. The price is reasonable, so I enjoyed various kinds of yakitori. And, it is fast to serve after the order.

Ku-chan2015 visited alone

It is easy to find because it’s so close and just right side of the station. Head shop is I think it was in Katamachi Fukui. I can enjoy a grilled chicken at the shop in front of the station too. Though most shops in Fukui closes early, this shop opens by 11 pm, so I can go even if I arrived at Fukui station late at night.

Chanchikiokesa visited with family

It’s comfortable to hear energetic call out of shop staff, and it’s Fukui’s local food. All men are called as “Syacho!” which means president. Women are called as “Ojou-san”, which means Miss. Yakitori is rather small, so we have to order yakitori by 5 units. We should visit Akiyoshi when we visit Fukui. Baked rice ball is delicious. surface of rice ball has crunchy texture. Once you bite it, it breaks.Exquisite rice ball.

Other basic info of Akiyoshi


refer to the above Opening hours and location


Basically reservation are not allowed. Reservations accepted only at Fukui Station shop.

Credit card

Credit cards accepted


Beer, sake, wine, shochu, plum wine, whiskey, cocktails, soft drinks

Good for whom

One person, friend





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