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Yoroppa-ken is an old restaurant in Fukui. They serve western-style foods. They are known as the pioneer of Sauce Katsudon and is well know in other areas of Japan. Many people continue to love it, Yoroppa-ken created the sauce nearly 100 years ago. They use large cut of roust cutlet and original worcester sauce for their Sauce Katsudon. It is a very famous restaurant in Fukui. It is one of the best local restaurants that you should go when visiting Fukui. Here, we introduce the Yoroppa-ken.

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Yoroppa-ken, popular local restaurant in Fukui since 1924

Yoroppa-ken is a restaurant serving Sauce Katsudon in Fukui. It is known as the restaurant which invented Sauce Katsudon. Sauce Katsudon has continuously been popular since 1913.

The origin of the name Yoroppa-ken is founded when the founder was training making cuisines in Europe. Initially, they opened a restaurant in Tokyo, but after the Great Kanto Earthquake, they transferred to Fukui which is the head office since 1924. Since then, it continues to operate in the land of Fukui.

As a restaurant with a grounding in Fukui, Yoroppa-ken is very popular in Fukui. They often have a long line of customers at lunch time on weekday. Many locals continue to love its soft cutlet and the mouth-watering fragrance and taste of spicy original sauce.

Sauce Katsudon, special Katsudon Yoroppa-ken made

![Sauce Katsudon at Yoroppa-ken](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812340/03-Yoroppa-ken_z1m0rj.jpg)
From here, we introduce Sauce Katsudon in more detail and see why locals love it for a hundred years. In addition, we introduce popular menus other than Sauce Katsudon.

What is Sauce Katsudon at Yoroppa-ken

![Sauce Katsudon at Yoroppa-ken](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812336/04-Yoroppa-ken_tsjrqg.jpg)
Yoroppa-ken created Sauce Katsudon first. Their Sauce Katsudon has soft cutlet and original spicy worcester sauce. Spicy aroma and taste of Worcestershire sauce has attracted a lot of people.

Yoroppa-ken has a confidence and originality about their sauce, breadcrumbs and rice.
First, as for the sauce, they arrange an original recipe which the founder learned in Europe. The Sauce can fit not only cutlet, but also the rice.

Second, as for breadcrumbs, Yoroppa-ken uses very fine breadcrumbs. Therefore, the batter becomes thin and worcester sauce well penetrate into the batter, which leads to exceptional texture.

Finally, as for rice, they use blended rice mixed with Koshi Hikari, which is the best rice brand in Japan and made in Fukui and Hana Echizen. They make an original blend to fit their original sauce.

They use a lot of effort to make nice Sauce Katsudon, so that Sauce Katsudon becomes addictive which many locals eat Sauce Katsudon many times. If you visit Fukui, you should eat the authentic Sauce Katsudon at Yoroppa-ken which many locals have been loving for a hundred years.

Paris-don at Yoroppa-ken

![Paris-don at Yoroppa-ken](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812332/05-Yoroppa-ken_pvz19y.jpg)
Paris-don is a popular food for locals and children as well as Sauce Katsudon. Paris-don is a food which uses mince cutlet instead of pork cutlet. Paris-don also fit the original sauce, and we can enjoy the different taste from Sauce Katsudon.

Juicy mince cutlet really fits acidity of the original worcester sauce, and it’s compelling to a lot of locals. Juices from meat and sauce drips on rice, so the rice becomes delicious too. As an accompaniment, the salad also plays a exquisite role. If you feel it’s a little heavy on the way, you should eat a garnish of salad. You can cleanse your mouth and keep eating comfortably.

The origin of the name of Paris-don is the same as Sauce Katsudon, and also it derives from “Pari Pari” which means moderately crunchy in Japanese. Speaking of Yoroppa-ken, Sauce Katsudon is the main food, but Paris-don is formidable.

Other foods at Yoroppa-ken

![Omurice at Yoroppa-ken](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522812328/06-Yoroppa-ken_gvkfla.jpg)
Yoroppa-ken also provides other delicious foods as well as Sauce Katsudon and Paris-don. Those foods are often hidden behind Sauce Katsudon and Paris-don, however those typical foods as a western-style foods restaurant are also popular for locals.

For example, omelet rice. It has plain and nostalgic taste with chicken meat and onions. It’s a typical menu of Yorropa-ken as an old western-style restaurant and people would like to try eating that once.

Also there is Kaki Furai-don, a fried oysters on rice, which we can eat only during winter. We can eat delicious and fresh fried oyster caught in the sea near Fukui. It becomes more delicious because of winter and we can enjoy the local taste fully.

In this way, Yoroppa-ken has attractive foods menu other than Sauce Katsudon. This is one of the reasons why locals come to Yoroppa-ken many times, therefore travelers have a lot of good options and it might be difficult to decide which one they try. First of all a lot of people would try Sauce Katsudon first, but it might be a fun experience and rare episode if you try another one.

Prices of Yoroppa-ken

Most of the menu, including Sauce Katsudon costs around 1,000 yen. However there are some branches and the price is different depending on branch.

At the head shop in Fukui city, Sauce Katsudon is 880 yen and Paris-don is also 880 yen. Omelet rice is 780 yen. And we can add salad and miso soup by paying 200 yen to all foods.

Opening hours and location of Yoroppa-ken

Yoroppa-ken opens from 11 am to 8 pm. Some branches are not open from 3 pm to 5 pm. The holiday is different depending on branch. For more information’s as follows, but they could be closed irregularly, so please confirm the exact opening days via the official website or tell.

Head shop
(Katamachi Street)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Junka 1-chome, 7-4

Ikuhisa branch
(Ikuhisa Koenmae Phoenix Street)
Regular holiday Wednesday
Fukui Bunkyo 1-chome, 44-11

Yashiro Branch
(A Coop Yashiro shop west)
Regular holiday Tuesday
Fukui Fuchi 4-1108

Omiya branch
(Ashihara Road Fuku-dai-kita, Nikka Chemical mae)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Omiya 3-chome, 14-11

Kida branch
(Kida Bridge Street)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Kida-cho, 1713

Kagetsu branch
(Nishi Koen West Street)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Kagetsu 2-chome, 3-18

Owada branch
(Erupa West)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Owada-cho, 2-402

Toshima branch
(East Park yoko)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Toshima 2-chome, 3-3

Miyuki branch
(Seiwa Nakanishi street)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Joto 2-chome, 13-15

Hanando branch
(S · C Bell West)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Nishitani-cho 1-1603

Saburomaru branch
(Nishi Fujishima Syo yoko)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Fukui Saburomaru 1-chome, 1315

Harue branch
(Reihoku Jukansen zoi)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Sakai harue Zuioji 21-23

Maruoka branch
(Maruoka-cho, Ippon-den)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Sakai Maruoka-cho, Ippon-den 5-62

Shinmei branch
(Sabae Mizuochi)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Sabae Mizuochi-cho 1-chome, 12-21

Tsuruga branch
Regular holiday: Monday and Tuesday
Tsuruga Aioi-cho, 2 – 7

Tsuruga Ekimae branch
Regular holiday: Monday and Tuesday
Tsuruga Shimizu-cho 2-chome, 19-1

Tsuruga Kanayama branch
Regular holiday: Monday and Tuesday
Tsuruga Kanayama 79-5-2

Tsuruga Chuo branch
Regular holiday: Monday and Tuesday
Tsuruga Chuo-cho 2-chome, 1004

Tsuruga Okayama branch
Regular holiday: Monday and Tuesday
Tsuruga City, Okayama-cho 2-chome, 804

Reviews of Yoroppa-ken

What kind of impressions did the visitors of Yoroppa-ken have. Following are some reviews that might be helpful if you are planning to visit Yoroppa-ken in the future.

Emily B, visited alone

Word is that this is the birthplace of Sauce Katsudon. Honestly, as a bad foreigner living in Fukui, I haven`t really tried enough others to judge whether or not it is the best, but I left quite happy. The crunch of the pork with just enough sauce to add a perfect flavor balance along with a typically great set meal made me regret having not tried this recommended place earlier. There is always a line at the busiest meal times, but when I went at about 4:30 on a Sunday, there was no wait, just a constant and in and out of customers.

KlapauciusJapan visited with friends

“Sauce katsudon” is a local Fukui dish, similar to usual Katsudon in Japan, except rather than egg on pork cutlet, they use worcestershire sauce. Definately worth eating if you’re in the area, and Yoroppaken (or Europe-ken) is one of the best places to go.

Duff, visited with partner

I went there for dinner during my trip. Famous sauch Katsudon had large volume and delicious. It’s worth trying though I had to walk about 10 minutes from the station. I bought breadcrumbs sold at the front of the restaurant. Thank you for the meal.

pin k love2003, visited with family

A friend of mine in Fukui recommended this restaurant to me if I go to trip to Fukui. Sauce Katsudon was very delicious. It was lighter than I expected and I could eat it fully. My children liked it too. My daughter ordered Paris-don, and it was very delicious. If I went to Fukui I want to go there again.

Other basic info of Yoroppa-ken


Refer to the item of opening hours and location written above.


Reservations not accepted.

Credit card

not accepted


Beer, sake, soft drinks

Good for whom

One person, friends, family