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This time I'll tell you about herbal alcoholic beverage which I recommend to women or young people.

I asked for a bartender who has been working for more than 40 years on "Simple arrangement that you can do at home" with explanation of taste.

What is Healthy alcoholic beverage series?

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You have to be 20 to drink in Japan. Enjoy the right amount of alcoholic beverages.

Drinking during pregnancy or lactation may adversely affect the development of the fetus and baby.

"Healthy alcoholic beverage series" of Yomeishu.
Popular drank among young people and female as "Alcoholic beverage using herbs abundantly which makes happy your heart and body".

Recently many people drink "Healthy alcoholic beverage series" as a hot cocktail to warm your body.

"Strict" tasting by alcoholic beverage specialist

I asked Mr. Saito who has been working as a bartender for more than 40 years to taste all three alcoholic beverages.

I wonder how the liquor specialist thinks about "Healthy alcoholic beverage series".

Mr. Minoru Saito

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NIPPON BARTENDERS ASSOCIATION kanto region headquarters deputy branch chief / Award best bartender / The principal of Japan bartender school & Japan café school / Former part-time lecturer at Tokyo eiyo shokuryo(nutrition food) vocational school

Professional also acclaimed. High completeness

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Mr. Saito: Well, Yomeishu is familiar with herbal products. So very high completeness!
All three types, you can feel firmly on the scent derived from botanical.
Actually it is very difficult to make herbal liquor.

Often the balance between alcohol and herb becomes unnatural. But this "Healthy alcoholic beverage series" have good balance and natural. Besides you can taste alcoholic beverage.

Professional bartender also acclaims the quality. I asked him to make original cocktail with this alcoholic beverage that you can enjoy at home.

Professional bartender's recommendation. Delicious cocktail arrangement that you can make at home.

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After tasting Mr. Saito started making cocktails right away.

Mr. Saito: Now I can imagine what kind of drink is best to mix.

Your request is" Easy arrangement that you can make at home", isn't it? Let's make a cocktail use simple ingredients. How about hot cocktail which make your body warm?

Hot cocktail with kohaku Shōga-shu(Amber ginger liquor)

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kohaku Shōga-shu(Amber ginger liquor):30ml
Vodka: 30ml / ginger Juice: 3 drops
Honey: 1 teaspoon
Hot water: 90ml

Mr. Saito: Use the same ingredients that used for liquor. So that it brings out the taste of the ingredients. In this amber ginger liquor, I added ginger juice to emphasize ginger taste.

It's a cocktail that make your body warm, right? I also added honey. Because I added a little sweetness, it became easy for women to drink. Someone who likes the scent of ginger must love the flavor.

I tasted. Gentle flavor with honey effect slightly! I'm sure it will make your body warm.
It taste like** "ginger tea" which you drink when you have a cold**. It uses vodka, so you don't
taste strong alcohol.

Hot cocktail with Kōreininjin-shu(ginseng liquor)

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Kōreininjin-shu(ginseng liquor):30ml
Brandy: 30ml
Hot water: 90ml

Mr. Saito: When I tasted ginseng liquor, I thought "it will delicious mixed with brandy".
To make the scent of ginseng milder, dare to pour a strong brandy. Cocktails are enjoying that new flavor while mixing the use of each feature.

Because compensate elegant aroma of ginseng liquor, you can taste delicious even you use cheap brandy. Together the fragrance of ginseng liquor and brandy, you taste different deliciousness than kohaku Shōga-shu cocktail.

Mr. Saito explained clearly with his knowledge of cocktails and alcoholic beverage.
When I tasted, I could completely different taste from when I drank separately.
Besides the fragrance, **brandy well complemented a slightly sweetness of ginseng liquor. What a smooth! **

I cannot find the word…mild taste. No strong smell of alcohol which you can often find hot cocktail. You might think that "Is it really used brandy? "Truly a professional bartender!

Hot cocktail with Megumi

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Megumi: 30ml
Whisky: 30ml
Hot water: 90ml

Mr. Saito: "MEGUMI" has a good balance of sweetness and bitterness and also feels moderate acidity so that it suitable for most cocktails among 3 types. Liquor close to liqueur that can be drunk as it is like plum wine, not a strong alcohol as a base for cocktails just like vodka. So I mixed it with unique alcoholic beverage.

Mixed with whiskey, firmly feel and taste of whiskey while leaving the grace scent of specific herbs of "MEGUMI". I think that it will become a unique liquor with hot water.

Mr. Saito's favorite "MEGUMI". Cocktail made with whiskey is his recommendation! When I tasted ... **it is smoothly hot cocktail than I expected. **Even you drink it with hot water, you still can taste "strong herb" of "MEGUMI".

Speaking of whiskey with hot water, I thought strong liquor, just like coughing only with steam …But it's easy to drink!

While enjoying the change of temperature your body will slowly warm with hot cocktail.

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Mr. Saito: The taste of hot cocktail will change greatly due to changing temperature.
It is taste of liquor better when the temperature goes down compare to just being made hot.
**Even from the point of enjoying the changing taste," Healthy alcoholic beverage series" suit for hot cocktail. **

Enjoy the taste and fragrance slowly changing with temperature.
You'll feel that your body is getting warmer while drinking. Don't drink in a hurry!Even it is easy to drink, it is liquor so that you will get drunk.

Mr. Saito says that taste when it is cold is also one of the deliciousness of hot cocktail. While drinking and hearing from him, the temperature of the cocktail is getting colder.

However, as Mr. Saito mentioned, the quality of the taste didn't become worse. I could taste
sweetness and fragrance that I couldn't taste when the liquor was hot.

Delicious when it warm, your body also getting warm. Do "boosting-my-metabolism routine" with herb liquor.

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If you hear about herb liquor, you might think alcoholic beverage that not easy to drink.
Even so this **"Healthy alcoholic beverage series" is easy to drink and high degree of completeness as an alcoholic beverage. **
Easy arrangement that you can make at home. So let's try!

Of course, there are lots of other ways to enjoy drinking. Let's you make your own original cocktail based on the above recipe.

Especially this time Mr. Saito also introduced cold drinks for his recommendation .Delicious cocktail that you might can drink at the bar.


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Megumi: 30ml
Whisky: 30ml
Soda: 90ml

Mr. Saito : I made that to feel the herbs, imaging such as a fresh high ball. Even people who drinks often high ball can enjoy it.

2. Amber ginger liquor

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Amber ginger liquor: 30ml
Ginger ale 90ml

Mr. Saito: Just like hot cocktail, I mixed same taste ingredients (Ginger ale) so that you can taste more ginger. It is less sweet compared to the ordinary ginger ale cocktail. Refreshing taste so that you can drink during your meal.

3. Ginseng liquor

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Ginseng liquor: 30ml
Brandy: 30ml
Cola: 90ml

Mr. Saito: I thought right away that mixed with cola seemed to be perfect when I tasted it for the first time. When you mixed with cola, you might think that "cola will destroy the taste of other ingredients". However this combination is special.

You mainly taste cola, but you also can taste the sweetness of ginseng. Cocktail pulled out good parts of each other. The perfect cocktail that can be ordered at our bar!

(All those who were there for photo shooting also love the taste! Delicious cocktail as if you drink it at the bar.)

Detail of "Herbal liquor" is here.
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You have to be 20 to drink in Japan. Enjoy alcohol with appropriate amount

Drinking during pregnancy or lactation may adversely affect the development of the fetus and baby.