A hangover is an evil symptom, which occurs on the next day after drinking.
It makes your fun previous night's fun experience to blow away in a second.
There is no way you can work or study with terrible headache and stomach feeling so upset. This is a situation of adding insult to injury.

However, it is hard to convince yourself to stop drinking just because you are afraid of having a hangover again.
I have picked out some foods for heavy drinkers to help prevent hangovers, by type.

type1: Food that suppresses the absorption of alcohol

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Next important thing to staying hydrated is the fat. Since fat requires a long time to digest, it slows your body's absorption of alcohol. Actually, methods of using fat are rooted in cultures around the world. For example, in the Mediterranean region, people drink a cup of olive oil before drinking while in Russia, butter and sour cream are eaten many times. The consumption of fat is not only effective before drinking but also during drinking too. Eating nuts and salad with dressing before making a toast is very helpful. Butter, sour cream, nuts, cheese, yoghurt etc.

type2: Food that promotes the metabolism of alcohol

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Although alcohol is metabolized and decomposed in the body, encouraging its work is another effective way of preventing hangovers. The typical components to do so are vitamin B 15, curcumin, sulforaphane, which promote the metabolism of alcohol by strengthening the function of the liver. Vitamin B 15 and curcumin are the main components included in the anti-hangover drugs sold at the stores. I think many people take these drugs. Some examples are the pumpkin seed, brown rice, sesame, turmeric, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

type3: Food that promotes the decomposition of alcohol

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The next is food effective for decomposing acetaldehyde, the toxin produced by alcohol decomposition. There are many foods and components that help to the decomposition, but the more famous ones are ornithine in the shijimi clam, taurine in the octopus and sesamin in the sesame seeds. In particular, taurine and ornithine are also effective in restoring one from fatigue, so it is recommended to take them before going to bed.

Water intake is basic!

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Most of the people must have experienced of often wanting to go to toilet after drinking alcohol. , This is due to the diuretic effect of alcohol, which make you lose a larger amount of water that you have drunk, as urine or sweats. This causes the typical symptoms of hangovers such as dehydration, headache, fatigue and weariness. Hydration is the easiest thing you can do and indeed, the most important measure to take during a hangover. Drink at least 500 ml of water and you can expect significant effects for recovery. You can also prevent a hangover caused by dehydration by taking salt with water. The reason of feeling like you want to eat ramen after drinking is due to your body requiring taking salt.

Milk before drinking is not effective

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You often hear that drinking milk before alcohol is effective, but the amount of fat in milk is very small and there is no effect of suppressing the alcohol absorption. Having milk before drinking alcohol only works to satisfy your hunger. However, as ingredients of milk have an effect on headaches caused by hangovers; it is only effective in curing a hangover.


As I have shown you so far, there are many foods to prevent hangovers. So take one of the foods written here and have a drinking life without hangovers. But off course, please be careful not to drink too much.