“Kimono” is Japanese traditional national radical wear. It is called as “wearing art” in abroad and has high reputation. This is one of the Japanese cultures to be proud of. Recently, it is rare to wear daily. But it is worn as official clothes such as coming-of-age party, wedding party and funeral. Chic traditional color, fashionable modern art pattern and colored textile are used. You can wear differently among seasons and scenes. Obi, hair accessories, geta, accessories will bring you the originally and it is still very attractive.

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The attractiveness of kimono

There are many attractive points of kimono. Detailed and refined stitch pattern, artistic pale picture. Traditional industrial materials of Japanese hair accessories, zori, and bags are refined to the details and cute. The most enjoyable time would be when you wear kimono. By wearing kimono, you will naturally take care of how to walk and act. Obi will band your waist and your back will be straight. You will feel your heart and body become straight. From many aspects, you can enjoy kimono. You can also learn Japanese rational culture. Once you got interest in Japan, please get in touch with kimono. You will surely feel how attractive kimono is. It is colorful and fashionable refined Japanese traditional culture.

Can people from abroad wear kimono?

In Japan, there are many things to enjoy wearing kimono for Japanese and foreign visitors, such as experiencing kimono, rental and taking memorial photo. For example, if go to inn and hotel, you will often get Yukata instead of pajamas. When visiting hot spring town, you can go out with Yukata. If you want to have total coordination with accessories and walk around Kyoto and Japanese traditional towns, there are kimono rental shops.  Kimono is actually difficult to wear, but no need to worry. The professional will arrange you for hair making and wearing. There is also a service to take photos at town. To enjoy kimono, there is no border of nationality.  Get the one you prefer. Enjoy your special wonderful memorial trip!

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What is kimono?

Others. To get to know about attractiveness of kimono more, check it out!【what kimono is‐traditional Japanese culture “kimono”