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Best 5 must popular event guide in Kanagawa Jan. 2018 (w/Photos)

Kanagawa has Minatomirai, Chinatown, Kamakura, Hakone, Shonan and so on. Kanagawa not only has history but it is located near the sea and you can get in touch with nature. There are many attractive sightseeing spots. The access is good from Tokyo and you can easily go. Why not try going? At this article, we will introduce the event which will be held on January in Kanagawa.

Traditional festival

1. Tsurigaoka hachiman gu New year’s visit to the shrine 1st, Jan., 2018-

Tsurigaoka hachiman gu is a shrine to represent Kamakura and it is a popular spot for sightseeing. Kamakura used to be the center of Japan. Yoritomo Minamoto, the first general, has deep connection and worshipped as the protection of God.

Recently, to share Yoritomo Minamoto’s good luck, it is famous for favored luck and business fortune power spot. On 1st, Jan., 0 o’clock, the gate for worship opens and many people go to main shrine for new New Year’s praying. On AM 5 o’clock, the New Year festival called “Saitansai”, which is held at imperial court and shrine all over Japan, will be held. Inside the shrine, the place where many people will get Hamaya and amulet become crowded. There is Tsurigaoka hachiman treasure house to introduce the ancient treasures, handed down to Tsurigaoka hachiman gu. Near the shrine, there is Kiyotaka Kaburagi memorial art museum in the space where the Japanese art great master Kiyotaka Kaburagi used to live. There is also Kamakura treasure house, which has many work of art are exhibitions and you can learn Kamakura history. How about also visiting here?


1st, Jan., 2018-


Am5 o’clock- Saitansai

Access & address


Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture, Tsurigaoka hachiman gu


JR Yokosuka line, Enoshima dentesu, “Kamakura station”. Walk 10 minutes.

・From Tokyo station. About 1 hour by train and walk

・Address 2-1-31, Yukinoshi, Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture


Fee & reservation

For free

No need for reservation

Official site


Event to enjoy nature

2. Hasedera (Haalse kannon)  the first sunrise of new year – 1st, Jan., 2018

Source: Jalan

Hasedera has one of the biggest wooden 11faces kannon statues. You can see the first sunrise of New Year here. From 31st Dec., 23 o’clock to 1st Jan., am 8 o’clock, entrance fee become free and the gate is open for full night. From the lookout, you can watch the amazing first sunrise of the year. The first sunrise watching from temple will increase more divine atmosphere!? Hasedera is familiar as “flower temple” to enjoy Kamakura full year. At main temple, there is 11 faces kannon bosatsu. It is 9.18m and one of the biggest wooden sculpture in Japan. If you like buddhaa, why don’t you check it? In addition, as Bando kannon reijyo, Hasedera is an historic old temple and has been worshipped from ancient times.


1st, Jan., 2018

※The time of sunrise is early of day so please check in advance when using public transportation

Access & address


Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefectureHasedera (Hasekannon)

Enoshima dentesu “Hase station” 5 minutes

From JR Yokosuka line, “Kamakura station”. Take bus about 10 minutes. Get off at “Hasekannon Mae”

・From Yokohama. Take train and walk about 30 minutes

・Address 3-11-2, Hase, Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture


Fee & reservation

Admission free

31st, Dec., 23:00~1st, Jan., 8:00

※Except admission adult 300yen

Child (elementary school student) 100 yen

No need for reservation

Official site


3. Hakone Komagatake ropeway opens for first sunrise of New Year -1st, Jan., 2018

Source: jalan

At a shiny day, you can watch through Mt. Fuji and Suruga bay from Hakone Komagatake ropeway. Komagatake ropeway is a grand walk of the sky for 7 minutes, 1,800m hight. It goes on the mountain, beautiful for Alpine plant. If the weather is good, from the top of the mountain, you can see the whole Hakone including Ashinoko. The great Mt. Fuji, Suruga bay, Miura peninsula and so on are also enjoyable as panorama. At the top of the mountain, there are observatory, Hakone gengu and big plaza. This Hakone Komagatake ropeway is open on 1st, Jan., for the first sunrise of New Year. Let’s try watching the first sunrise. As it’s new year’s day, it’s also good to worship Hakone gengu, located in the top of Komagatake. At this day, heat pack is distributed for first come, first served. Let’s is it to get heated.


21st, Jan., 2018

Open for new year’s day ropeway/5:30~

【Sunrise】around 6:50

※As sunrise is early in the morning, when using public transportation, please check in advance

Access & address

Hakone town, Kanagawa prefecture, Hakone Komagatake ropeway


From JR Tokaido honsen・ Tokaido shinkansen “Odawara station”. Take “to Hakone en” Izu Hakone bus about 1 hour and 20  minutesamd get off at “Hakone en”

From Tomei highway “Atsugi IC”. About 1 hour and 5 minutes by car.

From Shin Yokohama station. Tokaido shinkansen Odawara station. About 2 hours and 16 minutes by bus

・Address 139, Motohakone,. Hakone Machi, Kanagawa prefecture


Fee & reservation

Ropeway round way/ abult 1300yen, child 650yen

No need for reservation

Official site


Event to enjoy with Children

4.Art Rink in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse – 2nd Dec., 2017~18th, Feb., 2018

Source: iko-yo.net

“Art Rink in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse” has started it’s event since 2005 as winter event of “Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse”. Every year, you can enjoy art space by many artists and ice skating collaboration. This event will be 13 times seasons this year. In addition to the art, performed by many artists and ice skating collaboration, on this season, Yokohama Hayato junior and highschool art club students are invited as artists. “Art on ice” will be the theme. With the animals which are painted on National treasure art and animal art (chojugiga), you can enjoy ice skating at historical building Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.


2nd Dec., 2017~ 18th Feb., 2018


SAT, SUN, holiday/am11:00~pm10:00

【Chiristmas・end and beginning of year】18th Dec.,~30th/ am11:00~pm10:00、31st, Dec.,/ am11:00~pm8:00、1st, Jan.,/pm1:00~pm7:00  2nd~8th Jan., /am11:00~pm10:00

※At Christmas, end and beginning of the year, opening houses might be changed. Based on bad weather and ice condition, opening houses might be changed. Please check the latest schedule on twitter

Access & address

Minatomirai line “Bashamichi station”・”Nihon ohdori”. About 6 minutes.

JR Negishi line・Yokohama city metro “Sakuragicho station”, “Kannai station”. About 15 minutes.

Yokohama station. Minatomirai line. About 15 minutes.

・Address 1-1, Shinminato Nakaku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture


Fee & reservation

Entrance fee/ Adult(over high school student) 500yen, Child(Elementary and junior high school student) 400yen, Kids(over 3 years old) 300yen, Attendance fee 200  yen, Rental shoes 500yen, coin locker from 100 yen.

No need for reservation

Official site


Sports event

5. Yokohama landmark tower sky climbing 2018 - 21st, Jan., 2018

As a skyscraper, Yokohama land mark tower is the 2nd highest building in Japan. Usually, the emergency stairs and closed but there is a event to use it and challenge climbing up from ground floor to 69 floor about 1500 steps. With reading interesting “3033 stairs stickers” go up with your pace. After going to the top, the credit for climbing up will be issued. As a collaboration event, “Mitubishi Minatomirai technology center stump rally” is also held. By completing stump rally, you can get joining award and challenge lottery. It is a good opportunity to enjoy Yokohama landmark tower for different aspects. Why don’t you try it? You might get refreshed after climbing up.


January 21st, 2018

10:00~17:00(last appreciation/15:00) ※open also in a rainy day.

Access & address


Yokohama landmark tower and Mitubishi Minatomirai technology center


Minato mirai line “Minatomirai station” 3 minutes walk

JR Negishi line, “Sakuragicho”. With moving walkway, 5 minutes walk.

・Yokohama station Minato mirai line about 10 minutes

・Address 2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishiku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture


Fee & reservation

Apply by telephone on the day.

Adult 1200yen・Under 18 years old 600yen、WEB apply/adult 1000yen・under 18 years old 500yen ※Close when reaches the capacity

Official site


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