Shikoku is one of the group of islands that forms the country of Japan. Honshu and Shikoku are connected by a Honshu-Shikoku connection bridge which consists out of three separate bridges. We’ll show you the best five events that will be held in Shikoku during early summer season. Tomica Plarail Festival for children and adults, an outdoor event to enjoy nature in Setouchi, two contemporary art events and a traditional festival.

Events with kids

1.Tomica Plarail Festival

Friday. March. 16 .2018– Sunday. July. 29.2018


Event that is held at the theme park “Reoma World” of Kagawa prefecture Tomica is the famous line of die-cast toy vehicles which has been loved regardless of age and sex from the beginning of sales in 1970. It is made to play with plarail in combination. The venue consists of an exhibition zone, an attraction zone and a shopping zone. In the exhibition zone there are huge dioramas, a section where you can take photo with patrol cars or steam locomotives D51, a section to learn how to connect rails and you can see various Tomica collection. In the attraction zone, Plarail fishing: fish Plarail with a fishing rod (paid attraction), Tomica slider: to run Tomica on the slopes with the aim of goal (paid attraction), Playland: free to play square with Plarail.( free of charge). In the shopping zone, you can buy Tomica and Plarail event memorial products or popular products. An event we recommend you for your memories of traveling in Japan.


・Date:Friday. March. 16.2018 – Sunday. July. 29. 2018
・Time:10:00 - 16:00(Last entry : 30 minutes before closing time)

Access & address

・Place:NEW Reoma world Parrot Theater / Special venue
・Nearest station and travel time from the station
Takamatsu Kotoden Kotohira line Okada Station about5 minutes by taxi
・Travel time from the terminal station of the city
  From JR Takamatsu Station about 1.5 hour by train and shuttle bus


Admission & reservation

Admission 500yen(Aged 3 and over)
*NEW Reoma world entrance fee is required separately入園料が別途必要
Entrance fee+Tomica Plarail festival
Adult(Junior high school students and over):1,600yen
Child(Aged 3– 12):1,100yen
No reservation required

Official website

2. Setouchi DAYOUT2018

Saturday. June.09.2018 – Sunday. June 10, 2018


The Setouchi (Seto Inland Sea) is an archipelago that can be compared to the Aegean Sea in Greece. There are about 3000 beautiful islands located. The climate is mild, there are also islands that produce olives. The purpose of this event is “go out into the nature”. The venue, Ootsutazima is an uninhabited island with lots of nature. Famous for beach / camping area. You can only visit this island between April and October. As event activities, sea kayak, SUP(Stand up paddle surfing)yoga, tree climbing, yacht crew experience. For workshops, make huarache (Sandals that you feel as if you are barefoot), make sacoche (A small bag with a hanging cord), Bengala dyeing (Japanese ancient dyeing which dyeing with soaking dye from soil), aroma. At the Setouchi food & goods market ,you can taste Mujinto (uninhabited island) beer, kebabs, pizza out the stone oven, steak or you can buy goods from USA, outdoor products and more others. Let's feel the nature of Setouchi and enjoy!


・Date:Saturday. June.09.2018 – Sunday. June 10, 2018
    During bad weather there is a change of program of change and/or discontinuation. When it’s safe during light rains events will continue.

・Time:Open at 9:30
10:00 - 16:00

Access & address

・Place:Setouchi DAYOUT2018 event venue
・Nearest station and travel time from the station
From JR Takuma Station to Nioko(port) about15minutes by taxi(about 2,000yen)
From Nioko(port ) to Ootsutazima(island) about 5 minute by boat
(Round trip: Adult往復400yen / Child 200yen Hours of operation:8:30 - 16:30)
・Travel time from the terminal station of the city
 From JR Okayama Station to JR Takuma Station about 1 hour
From JR Takamatsu Station(JR Yosan Line)to JR Takuma Station about 45minutes
・Address: Ootsutazima, Nio-cho Nio Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa


Admission & reservation

Registration fee
Adult (junior high school student and above): 1,000 yen
Elementary school student: 500 yen
Preschool children: all free

  • Entry to the venue ·/ Tours are free (no charge)

April.21.2018 – May31.2018
By e-mail:

Participation on the day
Entry required for participation in all programs of Setouchi DAYOUT2018
You can entry at pier and event venue in Ootsutazima

Official website

Contemporary art events

3.< Kōchi> Naoki Ishikawa Capturing the Map of Light on This Planet

April.7.2018- June.10.2018

sauce:motoki ishikawa

Naoki Ishikawa is a photographer born in Tokyo in 1977. He travelled alone to India, Nepal when he was aged 17. In 2000, he went from the North to the South Pole by
“Pole to Pole” project. Next year he climbed to the tops of the "Seven Summits" and it was the youngest record at aged 23. After that he travelled across Japan and around the world taking photographs using his unique style that draws from the perspectives of anthropology and folkloristics. This exhibition will provide a comprehensive introduction into his work, from his early pieces through to the present, showcasing his photography itself, supplemented with his writings and some of the actual tools he used on his travels. This will feature series depicting the very extremes of our planet, including the North and the South Pole, and K2 (Mount. Godwin-Austen) the second highest mountain in the world, as well as the series "NEW DIMENSION", which captures ancient frescos that he visited on his travels, and "CORONA", where he followed the traces of human migrations across the islands of the South Pacific. This exhibition is a chance to look intently at the planet from a new perspective, through the lens of Ishikawa's world view.
He was awarded from important prize for his photography books” CORONA” ,his publication "Saigo no Boken-ka" (the last adventurer) and more others.


・Date:April.7.2018- June.10.2018 No closing days during the exhibition
・Time:9:00 - 17:00 (The opening day : 10:00 - )
・Related events
Saturday. April.7.2018 11:00 –
Curator's Gallery Talk
Saturday. May.26.2018 14:00 - 15:30
Debrief from Ishikawa on his most recent trek to the Himalayas
Saturday .April.7.2018 18:30 - 19:30
Naoki Ishikawa mini talk and book signing event at Kinkohdo book store

ess & address

・Place:The Museum of Art, Kōchi
・Nearest station and travel time from the station
  Tram “Kenritsu Bijutsukan-dori Station” 5-minute walk
・Travel time from the terminal station of the city
  From JR Kōchi Station about 40 minutes by bus or tram

・Address: 353-2 Takasu, Kōchi City, Kochi

Admission & reservation

Adults 1100yen, / university students 800yen, /
High school students and below free of charge

No reservation required

Official website

Isamu Noguchi From sculpture to body and garden

Saturday. April. 7 .2018– Sunday. June. 3.2018


Isamu Noguchi (1904 - 1988)was a unique Japanese American sculptor, and landscape architect known for his sculpture and public works, artist for ceramics, furniture and lighting interior until stage art. His father was a Japanese poet and university professor.
His mother was an American writer. From his interest in the body, seeking dialogue between the body and nature, which leads to the work of the garden as sculpture of the space. He also sought a connection between art and society through fusion of different cultures and integration of life and the environment. In his later years, he worked on his residence and atelier in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. This exhibition introduces the whole image of Noguchi's art by about 80 works in Japan and abroad, including abstract sculptures by stones of his later years. The Kagawa Museum is a general museum with the function of both a history museum and an art museum.


・Date:Saturday . April. 7.2018 – Sunday. June. 3.2018
・Time:9:00 - 17:00(last entry by 16:30)

Access & address

・Place:The Kagawa Museum
・Nearest station and travel time from the station
JR Takamatsu Station about 10-minute walk
・Travel time from the terminal station of the city
JR Takamatsu Station about 10-minute walk
・Address: 5-5 Tamamo-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa

Admission & reservation

Adult 1,000yen, advance ticket 800yen、Group(20 or more)800yen
High school students and younger / 65 years and over: free of charge

No reservation required

official website

traditional festival

Ōyamazumi Shrine Reitaisai/ Kōkyūsai festival

Tuesday. June.5.2018 and Wednesday. June.6.2018


Ōyamazumi Shrine is located on the island of Ōmishima and one of the popular sightseeing spots of Shimanami Kaido.( A 46.6 km toll road connecting Honshu and Shikoku through the islands of the Seto Inland Sea) Ōmishima island is well-known as God's Island because Ōyamazumi Shrine is located. Besides there is a museum and many more other places with wonderful view. Ōyamazumi Shrine is a “Nihon-so-chinshu” (Head of the shrine that worshiped the god that protected the land) and a shrine with about a thousand connected shrines nationwide. In the center of the precincts there is a big camphor tree of about 2,600 years old and Camphor trees in the shrine ground are designated as a natural treasure as the oldest camphor trees in Japan's oldest primitive forest. Reitaisai/ Kōkyūsai is a festival originating from the day when Ōyamazumi Shrine was moved to the present place. Characteristic point of this festival is a big market called “Mishima-ichi”. You’ll see the market on the way to the shrine approaching 1 km from the shrine premises to Miyaura Port as the same traditional way in old time.
Prayers from inside and outside Ōmishima visit and crowded all day.


・Date:Tuesday. June.5.2018 and Wednesday. June.6.2018
・Time(Worship):sunrise - 5:00P.M.

Access & address

・Place:Ōyamazumi Shrine
・Nearest station and travel time from the station
Bus stop Miyaurakō about 10-minute walk
Bus stop Ōyamazumi-jinya-mae 1-minute walk
・Travel time from the terminal station of the city
 From JR Fukuyama Station about 2 hours

・Address: 3327 Miyaura, Omishima-cho, Imabari-shi

####Admission & reservation Admission free No reservation required ####Official website