There are many sightseeing spots such as temples, shrines, Nakamise Street, Tokyo Skytree in Asakusa. There are also lots of izakaya (Japanese gastropub) or places where to eat and drink so that you can enjoy bar hopping, eat local cuisine. Popular local cuisine in Asakusa is Monjayaki. This time we’ll show you about “Asakusa Monja Hoyu”.

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Recommended monjayaki restaurant in Asakusa②

Asakusa Monja Hoyu


“Asakusa Monja Hoyu” is located 5-minute walk from subway Ginza line Asakusa Station 3rd exit. You can find this restaurant on the second floor of a building which is located on the crossing Sushiya Street and Syokutu Street. You can enjoy original menus of monjayaki here. For example full of sea food “kaisen monja”, “Hoyu monja” with lots of Gyūsuji (beef tendon) all of the menus you will satisfy. Besides they offer course menu of monjayaki & okonomiyaki all-you-can-eat 3,024 yen for 90 minutes. A good price. You also can order all-you-can drink menu .They have more menus of chicken ham, daikon (Japanese white radish) salad, yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) or desserts. They also have lots of alcohol such as beer, sour (cocktail), shōchū (Japanese distilled beverage), cocktail, whisky or highball. Monjayaki is tasty with alcohol drinks as snack during bar hopping. It’s also nice to share and eat with your friends.

Recommended menu① Tomato monja


There are many original menus at Asakusa monja Hoyu. The popular menu by their reviews is “tomato monja”. The combination of fresh tomato and cheese are perfect and healthy. Especially popular among female.

Recommended menu② Gyūsuji don(beef tendon rice bowl)


Gyūsuji don (beef tendon rice bowl) is a secret menu of Hoyu. On the top of rice, you see beef tendon and lots of chopped green onion. The beef tendon has soft texture because it stewed eight hours and delicious. You don’t find it on their menu so let’s ask at the restaurant.

The URL of the restaurant
No official website


Address:Tsubaki Bldg. 2F, 1-9-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku,Tokyo
Open hours:Lunch 12:00-15:00
Dinner 17:00-24:00
(Saturday/Sunday/Holiday 12:00-24:00)

What is Asakusa?

History of Asakusa

Asakusa was already prosperous as a “shitamachi” since the center of Japan was Kyoto
“Shitamachi” is an old town. Around the year 1600 the capital of Japan moved to Edo (current Tokyo). Asakusa was well-known as a temple town of Sensō-ji temple. You will feel this fact from atmosphere of bustle Nakamise Street. You also can feel from Asakusa dishes. Let’s visit temples, shrines, enjoy dishes and feel traditional culture in Asakusa.

Enjoy eating at Asakusa!

One of the famous dishes of Asakusa is sushi. In Asakusa, there are many sushi restaurants and one street called Sushi-ya (sushi restaurants) Street. Popular sushi restaurant in Asakusa is “Sakaezushi”. Though this restaurant is located in Asakusa 3 – chome and a little far from station, many people love this restaurant and visit even its far from their houses.

Recommended tour with a guide in Asakusa

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Historical buildings or new high tech sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Skytree. There are many sightseeing spots in Asakusa. So it might be difficult to choose where to go. Let’s join a tour! A guide will guide you to the typical places for great photoshoots and izakaya. (Japanese gastropub).We are sure you can enjoy Asakusa.