There are lots of fashionable spots in Harajuku, a city where its the center for the man-of-the-hour and latest fashion and things. Such Harajuku fashion captures the hearts of fashionable people. In this article, we would like to introduce 6% DOKIDOKI, a clothes shop with full of items that will satisfy Harajuku fashion fans.

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source: kawaii探しの旅

6% DOKIDOKI is a clothes store that Sebastian Masuda opened in 1995 as a place to express himself, and it is one of Harajuku’s major fashion brands.

The store concept is “Sensational Kawaii”, meaning “shockingly cute”, “cute beyond degree”, “too cute things”. Pop and cute yet artistically designed items and a colorful store interior make this store very attractive.

6% DOKIDOKI is also transcends cultures worldwide beyond the frame of fashion. As a forefront of Japanese pop culture, 6% DOKIDOKI has events and stages to express its art. It is a fashion brand in which art and fashion can be enjoyed together.

Fashion items at 6% DOKIDOKI

source: 6%dokidoki 

6% DOKIDOKI is pop fashion brand which is a classic Harajuku fashion. The store has various choices of clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. Their pierced earrings and hair accessories are colorful and unique. It is perfect for souvenirs and for your self.


・Business hours: 12pm to 8pm

・No regular closed day


・Address: TX 101 Buildinf 2nd floor, 4-28-16 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

・Telephone: (03) 3479-6116

・Direction (Subway/ bus)

7 minute walk from JR Harajuku station

3 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingu (Harajuku) station