Harajuku is a popular area also for foreigners and the origin of “Kawaii” which Japan is famous for in the world. In Harajuku, you see “Harajuku-fashion” as a booming fashion, and latest subculture art. Already only by walking through the Takeshita Street or Cat Street, you feel “Kawaii” right away.

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About ”ACDC RAG”

source: rakuten

There are many colorful products inside “ ACDC RAG.”  They have many fashion items belonging to “Harajuku kawaii” ”Dance” ”Punk” ” Lolita” fashion. Popular brands that are reasonable priced and trend-setting “Harajuku fashion.”

Their stores are located in Harajuku. Aimed at female teens to early twenties.

This store offers a complete outfit of Harajuku fashion related to styles such as POP、PUNK、Sweet、GOTHIC.

A colorful decorated store with a large selection of colorful items to choose of.

Besides they are reasonable priced – people who like Harajuku & fashion,

love this store.

Fashion item of ACDC RAG

source: ACDC RAG

They have various styles of design such as pop, girlish, hard, casual, comic related. From hoodies to dresses, T-shirts, shoes, ties, and belts. So you can create your complete outfit at this store, also available for men and large size.

ACDC RAG detail

・Opening Hours  10:00A.M.- 8:00P.M.

・No closing days


・Address  Hayashi bulding1F  Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

・Tel      03-5474-2059

・How to reach (subway / bus)

Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingumae Station 5-minte walk

・Official Website URL