Yokai in Japanese means Japanese monster and most of them are fantasy. They appear in old story and mislead and surprise people in a bad way. But some of them are good monsters. Japanese 3 major monsters are demon, long‐nosed goblin and a water sprite. At article, we will introduce you about long‐nosed goblin.

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A long‐nosed goblin

A long‐nosed goblin is a legend monster which has been told in Japan from ancient times. It is told that they put people to evil road. But at some regions, it is treated same as god. It manages the weather and has a great power and being feared from people. It has the looks of red face, long nose and wears like mountain priest. There are 3 types of long‐nosed goblin. The most powerful one is big long‐nosed goblin. It has bigger body than other long‐nosed goblins and the nose is longer. They can change their body to demon and human. Bird long‐nosed goblin has face like crow and has sharp beak. It has wind at back and can fly sky. The lowest level long‐nosed goblin is leaf long‐nosed goblin. Different from other long‐nosed goblin, it is over 2 meters and looks like bird.

A long‐nosed goblin related place “Kencho Temple Hansoubou

At Kamakura, there is a temple related to long‐nosed goblin. There is Kencho Temple and from Hansouboudou inner part, climb 114m high Shoujouken mountain. There is Hansoubou main building, which admires Hansouboudaigongen. This admired Hansouboudaigongen is, long‐nosed goblin. Kencho Temple was built in 1253 and has a long history. Kencho Temple Hansoubou history has started from 19th century.  The chief priest of Kencho Temple dreamed of meeting Hansouboudaigongen. After this dream, he thought Hansouboudaigongen is the one to protect Kencho Temple. Hansouboudaigongen was given the part of Daigongen from Hoko Temple which admires Hansoubou and established Kamakura Hansoubou. At the middle of stone steps reaches to Hansoubou main building, there are over ten statues of big long‐nosed goblin and small long‐nosed goblin (bird long‐nosed goblin).

About Japanese Yokai (monster)

Yokai (monster) is imagined as child and animal but there is a monster like lady. The famous one is snow lady. It has black hair, white skin and wears white kimono. When it appears it is mainly at the time of snowing night or heavy snowstorm night. During noon, no one look it. It damages people energy, makes people frozen to die, surprises people. The way of damaging people is different between the sayings.

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