What do you think about the film “Your Name”? What do you think about other people’s view about the film?

People who loved the film or those who didn’t, everyone would have an opinion. By fining out about others’ thoughts, you might be able to find a new point of view about the film.

What do you think about the film “Your Name”?

What do you think about the film “Your Name”?

Let’s find out what people’s view about the film
■Beautiful picture quality

“The end of the film, there were a lot of scenes with houses’ lights and they made me think that those simple sceneries could be important for me.”  “Our normal and regular life sceneries were shown so vivid and detailed, they made me think that our world could be that beautiful.” “ I thought I was seeing paintings by Renoir. I felt the warmth of the lights and beauty.

* *

People praised the film creator Shinnkai’s signature, high quality picture. Since it’s a cartoon/anima film, characters which he created were very easy to relate to. Also, characters’ feeling were shown with beautiful background sceneries which added extra dramatic feeling. The story was set in Tokyo and the creator used lots of actual locations, so people were thinking about places they knew in real life, while watching it.

■Good storyline

* **“Well designed setting, storyline, and *Foreshadowing were outstanding.”

“The story gave me a new feeling, new point of views, a new pursuit of happiness and a new way to think about an idea. It also gave me a new goal; moreover, I found something is missing inside me.”  “The grandmother’s saying about a string tie could connect things over the time, it was wonderful.”

* *

■storyline was difficult

*“There was not enough time to understand the relationship why the main two people like each other.” “I would want to see less of sceneries of suburban areas, feelings of unnecessary tie, desires about urban life.” *

* *

About the storyline, people gave positive and negative views. I personally thought it was difficult to understand the setting; it was either a real life setting or a fantasy. Maybe that was why the creator showed less of characters’ emotions. However, it made me think that would it be possible do that much for a person I love?  Knowing that I can’t go back in time and I was recalling about my time in high school, those thoughts gave me sentimental feeling. Surprisingly I was crying subtlety, the movie was that kind of movie for me.

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