The KUCHIKAMIZAKE is made in the ceremony of Shinto shrine that Mitsuha plays as a MIKO in the movie「KIMINONAWA。」 It is not fiction but be actually exist in Japan. So we will show you what is the KUCHIKAMIZAKE is about and the place where you can purchase it. When you learned about KUCHIKAMIZAKE, you could enjoy KIMINONAWA world much more. In addition, we will introduce the KIMINONAWA merchandises as well.



KUCHIKAMIZAKE is made of fermented rice. In the movie, Mitsuha chew the rice in the mouth once and spit it out again and ferment to make KUCHIKAMIZAKE. Actually this is the same and actual way when we make the KUCHIKAMIZAKE. Japan has the history that KUCHIKAMIZAKE had been made by Ainu tribe in Hokkaido, and in Okinawa and Amami area influenced by Chinese culture. It is not Japan-Original and said that it used to be made in all over the world, and some part of African people are still making KUCHIKAMIZAKE even in the present day. It is also said that the beginning of KUCHIKOMIZAKE in Japan is about 2~3000 years ago and it had been made until quite recently in Okinawa.

Could KUCHIKAMIZAKE be actually purchased?!

Source :watanabe sake brewery

It is very the same KUCHIKAMIZAKE that Mitsuha sister is making in the movie! The famous Sake brewing company in Hida City, Gifu where Mitsuha live in the movie invented the way of create the KUCHIKAIZAKE with quite similar taste. You might be anxious about who chewed this rice…? But this is just the imitation of KUCHIKAMIZAKE. The making process is totally different. It is Japanese sake which used regular polished rice only and be prayed in one of the pilgrimage Wakamiya shrine. You could replace with someone else when you have a sip…?

Let’s get the other merchandises of KIMINONAWA!

There are many KIMINONAWA and Direction Mr. Makoto Shinkai’s related merchandises in Tokyo city. If you are fun of them, it would be very interesting. You can purchase the DVD and main song’s CD and even the household Planetarium that produces the comet running down over the night sky in electrical store. In addition, you can also purchase the catalogues of storyboard and visual guide of movies by director Mr. Makoto Shinkai. There is also a shop that you can purchase as many as 120 of original KIMINONAWA merchandises like as the smart phone case, the playing cards, puzzle in commercial architecture “Tokyo SORAMACHI” located inside of Tokyo SKY TREE. It couldn’t be gotten anywhere else, only in Japan. It can’t be missing if you were a fun of KIMINONAWA. Please check the article 『「KIMINONAWA」 Merchandise Introduction And Place to Get』that introduce the each kinds of merchandise and the place where you can purchase these stuff.

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