Find Japanese Souvenirs at Tsukiji Market! “Ito Uroko” – The “Tsukiji T-Shirts”

Tsukiji Market is known as a fish market that is commonly packed with many people every day. “Ito Uruko” is located on a corner of the market, in an area called “Uogashi-yokocho”. The rubber boots, which are one of their main products, have been providing comfort and protection for the people working in Tsukiji Market. However, did you know that what is gaining more popularity among tourists visiting “Ito Uruko” are the “Tsukiji T-shirts”? If you don’t know about them, this is the right place to learn about them.

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About ”Ito Uroko”

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“Ito Uroko” was established about 100 years ago. Originally the shop was manufacturing zori (Japanese sandals), but over time, it began to develop rubber boots in order to support people working at the fish markets from the puddle and the muddy grounds. Recently, the shop has further expanded in order to provide wider variety of items including souvenir items attracting a lot of tourists and people of all ages. Why not stop by “Ito Uroko” and find the perfect souvenirs for friends and families, after having fresh seafood in Tsukiji Market?

Cool “Tsukiji T-shirts” with Kanji Prints!

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Among the many varieties of souvenirs now available at “Ito Uroko”, “Tsukiji T-shirts” are the most popular items attracting tourists. As there are many foreigners that are interested in Japanese kanji characters, the colorful T-shirts with big prints of different kanji characters has become one of the standard souvenir items of Tsukiji.

“Rubber Boots with Uroko Mark” a Purveyor of Tsukiji Workers

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After all speaking of “Ito Uroko”, you cannot miss the “rubber boots with uroko mark”.

The boots made from natural rubber are soft and comfortable, as well as durable against oil and water. It is an item that is essential for the workers in the Tsukiji Market, while it is also suitable for outdoor recreations. These rubber boots would be convenient to own one, even if you are not a fisherman or a chef.

“Ito Uroko” Overview

・Main products: Rubber boots, cooking uniform, souvenir items

・Opening hours: 5:00AM-2:00PM (Weekdays), 5:00AM-5:00PM (Saturdays)

(Opening hours may change due to events and weather condition)

・Closed on Sundays, public holidays and closing day of Tsukiji Market)


・Address: 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo  Tsukiji Market Building 7

・TEL: 03-3541-0464

・Access (Subway, bus)

Just above “Tsukiji Shijo Station ”on Toei Oedo Line

15 minute walk from “Tsukiji Station” on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

15 minute walk from “Higashi Ginza Station” on Toei Asakusa Line

15 minute walk from JR “Shimbashi Station” or get on the bus bound for “Chuoichiba Station”

・Duration from Haneda /Narita Airport and Tokyo Station

Haneda Airport > Keikyu Airport Line Limited Express (bound for Narita Airport)> transfer at Sengakuji Station to Toei Asakusa Line Airport Limited Express (bound for Narita Airport)> transfer at “Daimon Station” on Toei Oedo Line (bound for Ryogoku or Kasuga Station)> get off at “Tsukiji Shijo Station”

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

Narita Airport> Skyliner 38 (bound for Keisei Ueno Station)> transfer at “Nippori Station” to Yamanote Line (bound for Ueno Station)> transfer at “Hamamatsucho Station” to Toei Oedo Line (bound for Ryogoku or Kasuga Station)> get off at “Tsukiji Shijo Station”

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes

“Tokyo Station”> Keihin Tohoku Rapid Line(bound for Ofuna Station)> transfer at “Hamamatsucho Station” to Toei Oedo Line (bound for Ryogoku or Kasuga Station) get off at “Tsukiji Shijo Station”

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

Approximately 40 minutes from Haneda Airport/Approximately 75 minutes from Narita Airport/Approximately 20 minutes from Tokyo station

・Official Website:


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