Funny T-shirts sold in Harajuku to help your Japan trip!

Have you ever been to Harajuku? Harajuku is one of the popular area for foreigners in Tokyo. The reason why it’s popular is Harajuku is known as a center of Japanese young culture and fashion. In this time, we went to Harajuku and looked for popular and helpful T-shirts for foreigners! They have the message written in Japanese on them. It would be a great souvenir for you. Watch our video!!

How was it? Did you find any favorite T-shirts for you..?

Since you already knew the meaning of the phrase on the T-shirts, It could be the challenge to wear those. However, these T-shirts should help you enjoy the trip in Japan! One more thing, we can’t guarantee you surely can make a date with a Japanese girl by only wearing the T-shirt though…

Enjoy Your Magical Trip!!

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Hello, my name is Shoto! I’ve lived in and traveled many countries. Through the experiences, I saw a lot of different cultures and customs, and that made me realize how unique Japanese culture is.