How is the true Japan like?

Japan is an island nation which make Japanese people seems to be more isolated than other Asian countries. Throughout history, Japanese people has built their own culture and economy without being overly influenced by globalizations. Nowadays Japanese government is still restricting the inflow of immigrants, struggling to keep the identity of Japan itself.

However, during recent years the government is pushing the tourism industry as well as the globalization inside the nation by accepting more foreign students and tourists. If you are walking in Tokyo, foreign travelers can be seen everywhere.

Many people think Japan is a peaceful country with low crime rate. Also, Japanese people are usually considered to be polite, kind and easy to talk with. But is that true? Out of curiosity, we conducted a street interview in Tokyo, asking several tourists as well as foreign students about their impressions of Japan, starting with this question: What’s your most scary experience in Japan?


As you can see in this interview, we are very lucky to meet nice interviewees making good comments about Japan. We didn’t put all of them in this video but quite a lot of them said they have no scary experience in Japan, however, we found that female tend to have more scary experiences than male, which are mostly something related to sexual harassment. But overall, Japan is a peaceful country with our “kind and very shy” people.

What’s your impression about Japan? Welcome to share it with us in the comments below!