Many people probably have a hard time deciding on where to stay during their trips. How about staying at a hostel?

Hostels usually have negative impressions such as being “cheap but unclean”. However in Tokyo, many new hostels, which change those impressions, have been built. You would want to stay at a hostel at least once, after hearing how it is cheaper than normal hotels, unique, and close to tourist spots. This time, we visited EAST57, a new hostel that has opened during March of 2017 in Asakusabashi.

Asakusabashi, being the site of the doll market during the Edo Period, is a city full of history with rows of doll wholesalers and old-established Japanese doll stores such as “Kyugetsu”

Asakusabashi, just as its name suggests, is located 2km away from the city center of Asakusa. It is also east to access popular tourist spots such as Ryougoku, the city famous for sumo, Akihabara of the electric appliances and anime, Oshiage, where the Skytree is, and Ueno, where large museums, zoos, and parks are located, making it the best location for tourists.

EAST57 is 2 minutes away from the station by walking, and its stylish appearance makes it unbelievable that it is a hostel. Let’s look at the main building first.

On the first floor, there is the laundry cafe in which guests, as well as people from the neighborhood visit to do their laundry. The cafe space has power plugs and wi-fi available, so you will not get bored while you are waiting alone for your laundry to finish.
However, since there are these kinds of shared space, the ignition of conversations between the guests would be another enjoyment of a hostel. In this space, beer and snacks are sold, so the guests can have a drinking party at night, or play on the Switch (video game) to deepen their relationships.

The main building is a dormitory type. The characteristic would be the fact that there are TV’s set in each room on the 4th and 5th floor. This is very rare for a cheap hostel. Also, the walls have illustrations imaging Japanese tourist spots, making the interior design very unique. The floors are divided accordingly by male and female, so it is helpful for solo female tourists. There will also be lockers and card keys available, so you do not have to worry about security.
Most of the guests staying in the hostel are solo travelers, however there are some groups that reserve a whole floor.

On the other hand, the ANNEX building has a stylish cafe bar on the first floor. They have rare craft beer as well as breakfast and lunch, so guests as well as people from the neighborhood visit often. Outside food and drinks are allowed. Many people come with their favorite side dishes.

In the ANNEX building, there is not only the dormitory, but beds for groups (for two and for four) available in which couples, friends, and families can use. There are rooms called single rooms in which you can relax on a one-story bed, as well as private rooms, making it easier to choose rooms accordingly to who you bring. Here, there are Japanese-style wallpapers and lights available, allowing you to enjoy the exotic mood.

EAST57 is modern, sanitary, and has a charming Japanese design, and works as a place of communication for travelers, however it has a low price of 2000~ yen per night. For people who would say, “I’d rather cutback on the money to stay and use money for touring than staying at a expensive hotel”, then why not try staying at the new and clean hostel? Unexpected encounters may be awaiting you.

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