What do you look forward to when visiting Japan? Shopping, sightseeing, eating out…there are many options to make the most out of your trip. In addition to those activities, communicating with the locals and other travelers should very well be included as one of the many ways to enjoy your trip.

At Magical Trips, we have prepared an activity called “Splitours” where everyone including friends, couples, and families as well as other travelers can all take part in.

For example, if you are planning on staying near Asakusa, definitely check out the popular bar hopping tour hosted by Magical Trip. The local guide will take you around to some of the well-hidden Izakaya’s in the area. Of course, you can enjoy the tour by yourself but if you participate with more members, the cost of the tour will get cheaper. By experiencing the activities with your fellow friends, families, and people you have met for the first time, you can further enrich your cultural exchange experience which is one of the best treats you can get from a trip.

These types of group activities are gaining popularity among tourists visiting Japan.
Guesthouses and hostels are the places travelers who are seeking interactions with other travelers have turned to.

Some people might have an impression that guesthouses and hostels are primarily occupied by backpackers who seek a cheap place to stay and usually tends to be dirty and with insufficient security….But in fact, it’s quite the contrary, with a number of new and renovated facilities on the increase in preparation for the increasing demand for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. The facilities are up to date with the latest style and the anxiety over cleanliness and security has decreased among the people.

The draw for these types of facilities is that it enables and facilitates a close and interactive communication among guests. Since most people staying shares sleeping rooms and common area, fellow guests start communicating naturally. Many of the hosts are working hard to host events that help create new encounters and new experiences.

For example, at a hostel called East 57, they often host events in their fancy café bar. Some of the events held include watching soccer match, Takoyaki party, and board game tournaments etc. At laundry café on the 1st floor of the main building, there are counters you can relax at while you wait for your laundries. Since the distances between people are closer compared to the café bar, there are lots of cases where guests are interacting with each other more. Once you get to know the person better, there is a popular game console “Switch” prepared for you guys to enjoy.

“There are actually cases where guests got to know each other in the commons and participated in tours or even go on a long-distance trip to Kansai region together. We want our hostel to become a hub for guests and for them to get to know new people and experience an unforgettable trip” says the owner of EAST57.

If you are planning to visit Japan and looking forward to new encounters with other people, staying at a hostel might be a good option for you. Find someone who shares common interests with you and why not take part in activities to enrich your experience!

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