Introducing the Spots of “Your Name” Suga Shirine

A scene of a stairway with a red fence is one of key visuals of “Your Name”. A quiet residential area was impressive because you could feel the real Japanese life while living in a big city Tokyo. It is set in “Tokyo Yotsuya Sochinju Suga Shrine” located in Yotsuya, Tokyo. If you deepen your knowledge of Suga Shrine you will be able to enjoy the world of movie much further.

”Your Name” Spot, Suga Shrine

Suga Shrine in “Your Name”

In the movie, Taki and Mitsuha who became adults live their lives while wishing that they would meet each other someday, and they do on a daily situation of train passing by. Taki and Mitsuha both ran through city of Tokyo wanting to talk to each other, and the scene of reunion happened at stairway with the red fence. This scene with the sun shining was very impressive.

History of Suga Shrine

History of Suga Shrine

It is said that the Suga Shrine was born about 400 years ago from now and is enshrined mainly by the two main festivals of “Inari Daijin” and “Suga Daijin”. Inari Daijin has been deeply believed in local people since ancient times as a god of rich fruit rape, luck opening invitation and business prosperity, and Suga Daijin as a god of civil engineering, driving away evil spirit and difficulty, and guard against epidemics. Although the main hall built about 200 years ago is located in the center of Tokyo, it escaped through the Bombing of Tokyo about 70 years ago. Although it is repaired because of its aging, it is a shrine with an ancient and honorable history. A big festival is held every year in early June, and you can catch a glimpse of the unique Japanese culture such as Kagura and dance. Also, in November, a tori-no-ichi is held, which is also like a festival, but the hands of the bear, decorated at restaurants, desires for prosperous business are sold grandly at the festival.

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