Is it good or bad? Drinking after bathing or having a sauna

Usually I take a bath after going home, but I wonder if it’s ok to take a bath when coming home after having had some drinks outside. Therefore, I will show you the influence of having a bath or sauna after drinking, and what you should do.

Taking a bath doesn't help sobering up


When you warm up in a bath, it improves the blood flow as the peripheral blood vessel expands, while the blood volume circulating in the internal organs decreases. However, it is the liver that metabolizes alcohol into an acetic acid, and this function decreases as the liver blood flow is reduced. Therefore, when you take a bath, it causes the alcohol's metabolic rate to slow down.

No sauna


This blood flow mechanism also applies in the case of the sauna, but in addition to that, because you end up sweating a lot when entering the sauna, you should be more concerned about getting dehydrated. Alcohol suppresses antidiuretic hormones (a hormone that prevents urine production), so it has a diuretic effect that makes water discharged from the body.

No exercise


Also, doing exercise, is much like having a bath, improves the blood flow in the peripheral vessel, which reduces the blood volume in internal organs. Therefore it has negative effects on the metabolism of alcohol. In addition, your heart rate increases when exercising but it also increases when you are drinking alcohol, requiring the heart to work harder.

No drinking after taking a bath


In case of drinking after taking a bath, the blood flows to the peripheral vessel causing the metabolism of alcohol in the liver to slow down slightly, but the temperature of your body gradually returns to normal. So, if you drink slowly, it may still have some effects, but it is thought that there is not much risk compared to taking a bath after drinking alcohol. Since you get dehydrated by taking a bath, instead of drinking only beer that has a diuretic action, it is better to drink some alcohol-free beverages before drinking the beer.

Drinking water


The alcoholic beverages may cause you to discharge as urine more than what you have consumed. If the water content in the blood decreases too much, it affects the brain and gastrointestinal tract, leading to a headache and nausea. This will make the hangover worse, so please do not forget to drink enough water.

About the beer bath


Since the amount of alcohol you absorb from the bath is limited, you do not have to worry about getting problems like those mentioned above unless you are very sensitive to alcohol. However, for anyone who gets red skin when coming in contact with the alcohol, it may not good for your skin. Now, let me explain about the effect of the sake bath. A beer bath is very popular in Germany, for not only making your skin to glow due to the effect of the yeast, but also the carbonic acid provides a better blood circulation and warms your body.

About Sake bath


Amino acids contained in sake bring moisture to your skin as well as fermentation ingredients of mash has a moisturizing effect too. It is said that Masami Nagasawa and Norika Fujiwara are known to have sake baths from time to time. The mash alone has a moisturizing effect just like sake.

About shochu bath


If you add a cup or 2 cups of shochu in the bath, the body will get warmer.

About wine bath


It has a rich aroma and the grape fruit acids and polyphenols helps tighten one’s skin.

Make sure not to take a bath when you are drunk as there is a risk of being injured by slipping, as well as falling asleep in a bathtub and drowning. If you want to take a bath before going to bed after drinking, it is advised to bathe after you sobering up.

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