Katsuyama Benten Sakura are cherry trees along the Kuzuryu River. It lasts about 1.5km and has as many as 450 trees. As a result, it has become one of the most beautiful places to see cherry blossoms in Fukui. Although cherry blossom season is only April, we recommend to see it if you visit Fukui during the season. In this post we will introduce Katsuyama Benten Sakura and Benten Sakura Matsuri which is held during cherry blossom season.

Fukui’s most beautiful place to see cherry blossoms, “Katsuyama Benten Sakura”

Katsuyama Benten Sakura has a lot of cherry trees alongside the river. Therefore people call it “Hitome Senbon”. It means that you can see thousands of cherry trees at a glance. Besides, it stands in a setting of beautiful mountains in the background. We cannot see in anywhere else the combination of those mountains with remaining snow and cherry blossoms in full bloom. Also blooming of nearly 500 Somei-yoshino is one of the greatest places to see cherry blossoms in Fukui. The best time to see them is usually in mid-April to late-April.

Perfect guide to Katsuyama Benten Sakura, known as “The Tunnel of Cherry Blossoms.”

The Tunnel of Cherry Blossoms with 450 cherry trees.


First of all you should walk and see these 450 cherry trees. There is a promenade to see cherry trees. Since there are cherry trees on both side of the street, you can walk inside the tunnel of cherry blossoms. Those cherry blossoms are rather low, so it’s close and you can have a closer look at cherry blossoms. A lot of visitors and families are coming to see cherry blossoms. Let’s enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms and walk slowly through the promenade!

Collaboration of blooming cherry blossoms and 100 Koinobori.


Benten Sakura blooms in early-April every year. According to that, about 100 Koinobori (carp streamer) are above the river. People in Japan consider carp as a auspicious fish as a symbol of success in life. Therefore people raise them to hope good career and healthy growth of children. You can see them for the holiday period of May during Children’s Day, and many children come to see them.

Benten Sakura Matsuri crowded with a lot of viewers, shops and full-blown cherry blossoms.


On Saturday and Sunday in mid-April, Benten Sakura Matsuri is held, at the time of full bloom of cherry blossoms. During the period of the festival, street stalls are also open along the row of cherry trees. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the festival with full bloom of cherry blossoms, while having beer and snacks that you would buy in the stalls.

Gently and mystically illuminated by Japanese paper lantern, Katsuyama Benten Sakura at night


For a week before and after Benten Sakura Festival, at night you can enjoy mystical cherry blossoms with gentle illumination. It’s until 10pm. The illumination is not in large scale and not too bright, so you can see various aspects of cherry blossoms with contrast of light and shadow.

Fees of Katsuyama Benten Sakura

Seeing cherry blossoms is free of charge.

Opening hours of Katsuyama Benten Sakura

It’s open for 24 hours, and you can see at any time.

Location and access of Katsuyama Benten Sakura

A 5-minute walk from Katsuyama Station.
If you exit the bus rotary and reaches the Katsuyama Bridge across the river, the cherry trees comes into view on the opposite bank. Crossing the river, you can find a promenade developed on the right bank of the river.

Reviews of Katsuyama Benten Sakura


What impressions did people who visited Katsuyama Benten Sakura have? Here, we introduce some useful reviews for travelers who will visit there.

Heshiko, who is in her 30s
Katsuyama Benten Sakura is said that it’s “Hitome Senbon.” There are cherry trees continuing about 1.5km along with the bank of Kuzuryu River. The history of the cherry trees date back to 1923, and at the day of the festival, street stalls are there, such as dumplings for viewing cherry blossoms and yakitori of local district. Dim light of paper lantern will illuminate beautiful cherry blossoms at night. 300 Koinobori (carp streamer) will swim across the Kuzuryu River at the time of full bloom. In addition, mountains with remaining snow are spreading out in the background of cherry blossoms, and I can really enjoy and feel that spring has come.

weather forecast says “it’s fine in all Japan today” and it makes me suddenly to go for a drive to see cherry blossoms. The destination is “Kaizu Osaki” & “Fukui Prefecture Katsuyama Benten Sakura”. Driving distance of this day is 450km. In the afternoon, I enjoy the Katsuyama Benten Sakura on Kuzuryu banks in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture. Benten green space which is one of the best 100 waterside environments, and cherry trees are matching with mountain range around the boundary between “Kaga” and “Echizen” with remaining snow, are beautiful. It’s really good to see cherry blossoms while blowing the breeze from Kuzuryu River, which is the largest river in this prefecture. It’s also impressive that Koinobori is swimming in the sky waving in the breeze. There are parking space for free in the riverbed of Kuzuryu River.

Recommended place near Katsuyama Benten Sakura, Fukui Dinosaur Museum


Fukui Dinosaur Museum is about 15 minutes by bus or taxi from Katsuyama Station. Fukui is also famous for excavating high-quality fossil of dinosaurs. Therefore Fukui Dinosaur Museum is displaying the latest developments etc. Because its exhibitions are high-quality, it’s called one of the best three dinosaur museums in the world. Highlight is a life-size moving dinosaur models and dioramas. Dinosaur that moves as life-like is really powerful and overwhelming. Some young children begin to cry because it’s too spectacular for them. Besides, there are also several corners such as Dino-labo. You can actually touch fossils and observe them in Dino-labo. If you come to see the Katsuyama Benten Sakura, you should stop by to Fukui Dinosaur Museum. It is rich on interesting exhibitions and experiences.

The entrance fee of Fukui Dinosaur Museum is 720 yen per adult, 410 yen per high-school and university student, and 260 yen per elementary and junior-high-school student. However, you should note the following things.
– During special exhibition period the fee would be higher than the above rates. You can check it at the official website.
– Preschool infants, and elder person who is 70 or older are not charged.
– On the third Sunday of every month and February 7th “Hometown Day,” admission for permanent exhibition is free.

Opening hours of Fukui Dinosaur Museum is from 9am to 5pm. You can enter until 4:30pm. Closed day is the second and forth Wednesday on every month. If it’s a national holiday, the closed day will be the following day. During summer vacation season it’s open everyday. It’s also not open from December 29 to January 2.

Location of Fukui Dinosaur Museum
51-11, Terao, Muraoka, Katsuyama City, Fukui prefecture Japan