Tojinbo lies in the Japanese coast of Fukui. It is the coast of unusual terrains where rare rocks and cliffs are lined up. The rocks surface are exposed and the terrain of cliffs extends vertically towards the sea. It continues for over 1km. Unusual terrains of which there are only three places in the world, including this place, birth to a superb view of the Sea of Japan that can not be seen in other, has attracted a lot of tourists. It has been designated as a national scenic beauty and a natural monument, and it is a spot where many tourist should visit by all means if they come to Fukui. Here, we introduce it in detail the attractions around this place. Also if you want to know the best 5 places to visit in Fukui including this place, please also see [Fukui Sightseeing Place Guide](https://www.magical-trip.com/media/category/fukui-perfect-travel-guide-by-locals/fukui-sightseeing-place-guide/).

Only three places in the world! Tojinbo, unusual terrain and cliffs

Tojinbo is a coast with very unusual terrain with rare rocks and cliffs in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. Rare terrain as “Columnar joints of pyroxene andesite” (pentagonal, hexagonal columnar collection of rock) is there, and it has continued over about 1km. There are only three places in the world, including this place, to see such a rare terrain and scenic view, so that it has been a national scenic beauty and natural monument. The other two places are the Mount Kumgang in Korean Peninsula and the Norwegian west coast of the Scandinavian peninsula.

In this place you can go up to the edge of the cliff, so that it is possible to enjoy a superb view of the unusual rocks, as well as the beautiful view of Sea of Japan. it has become popular among tourists. Also, you can enjoy walking along the coast in the promenade, and at the mall you can enjoy a gourmet of fresh seafood caught locally.

Legend has it that the name Tojinbo is said to have been originated from the name of a warrior monk of the Heisenji temple located in Fukui. The monk was very domineering, and he had been tormenting people and neighboring farmers. On one occasion, dozens of monks visited this place and had a drinking party, and then his love rival, Kakunen Magara, took a chance and pushed drunken Tojinbo over a cliff and killed him. Maybe due to the hatred of Tojinbo, the sea became a large and rough, and so this place was came to be known as Tojinbo.

Even though the story of Tojinbo is horrible, now many tourists is coming to Tojinbo come to see rare cliffs that gives them a feeling of tension along with a beautiful view of Sea of Japan.

Overlooking the Japan Sea from the cliff without a fence, the attractions of Tojinbo

From here, we continue to introduce in detail the highlights of Tojinbo. Of course you will enjoy unusual terrain, but also you can find something interesting if you look at the places around this place, such as a beautiful view of Japan Sea and gourmet seafood caught in coastal sea.

Cliff, rock formations etc. scenic spots located on the coast of Tojinbo

The most attractive thing would be the sheer cliffs towering vertically toward the Japan Sea, lined up along the coast. There are no safety fences near the cliffs in Tojinbo, so we can go to the edge of the cliffs. In the past, there was a person who accidentally fall over cliff. Please watch your step and be careful.

However, we can see the natural view as it is because they have no fence, and the beautiful scenery of the sheer cliffs and Japan Sea is spectacular.

There is also a variety of ways to rock formations, try to be fun looking for the strange shape of the rock formations. For example, there are some major rocks such as “Byobu-Iwa” shaped like a folding screen, “Lion-Iwa” shaped like a lion, “Rousoku-Iwa” shaped like a candle and “Sandan-Iwa” shaped like three stairs. In some places we can go down near the sea shore and look up the rare rocks.

Enjoying the beach grilled squid and scallops, Tojinbo shopping street

![Tojinbo Shopping Street](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522813733/04-Tojinbo-Shopping-Street_pzp7au.jpg)
In the front of the coast of Tojinbo, there is a Tojinbo shopping street. There are various shops and restaurants such as souvenir shops selling Fukui’s traditional craft products, restaurants and food shops where we can have meals cooked with fresh local sea food, soft cream and so on. In particular, there is shops that provides a beach grilled squid and scallops, which were from local port, Mikuni Minato. Eating a fresh local seafood, some tourists are walking the street towards the Tojinbo.

Also there are a lot of restaurants and cafes, and there is a cafe which building is barrier-free.It is also safe for families to visit with a stroller. If you are tired walking around, you can take a break in those cafes in the Tojinbo shopping street.

Business hours of Tojinbo shopping street is basically from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. However, in winter season it’s until around 4 pm.Please be noted that the opening hours would change depending on the season and shops.

Overlooking the Sea of Japan at 100m from sea level, Tojinbo Tower

![Tojinbo Tower](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522813728/05-Tojinbo-Tower_v0scgr.jpg)
When we walk along the Tojinbo shopping street from the entrance towards Tojinbo, there is a Tojinbo tower on the left. Tojinbo tower has 100m high from the sea level and 55m from the ground, and its height would be the most highest level of observation deck facing Japan Sea.From the observation deck, you can overlook Tojinbo, Oshima and Echizen coast, and also mountains at the opposite side such as Hakusan Mountains.

There is a restaurant on the second floor of the Tojinbo tower, and we can enjoy eating fresh local seafood caught in the nearby fishing port called Mikuni Kou. Seafood pot, crab Kamameshi, Negitoro bowl, shrimp bowls etc. are provided as a menu. On the first floor there is a souvenir shop and a coffee counter, it is a place where you can have a light break.

Business hours of Tojinbo Tower is from 9am to 5pm. However in winter season it will be closed at 4:30pm. They have no regular holiday, so they will be open everyday. Admission fee of the observation deck is 500 yen per adult (junior high school student or older) and 300 yen per child.

See the cliff and rock formations from the sea, Tojinbo Pleasure Boat

![Tojinbo sheer cliff](https://res.cloudinary.com/magicaltrip/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/v1522813723/06-Tojinbo-sheer-cliff_yphu1p.jpg)
You can ride sightseeing excursion boats from Tojinbo to see the rare rock formations of Tojinbo from the sea. You can have a close look of the strange shaped rocks. If you look up the cliffs from the sea, you will understand how it is high and big actually.

Also, we can have a close look of the rare terrain of Oshima which is the island near Tojinbo. There is also a similar terrain as columnar joints in Oshima. However you can find different shape from the rocks of Tojinbo in those rocks spreading out in Oshima. Please also see description below about Oshima as a recommended place near Tojinbo.

You can ride a boat from the boarding point at the edge of the rocky area at the end of Tojinbo shopping street. However, depending on the sea conditions, it would set sail from a little distant Mikuni Sunset Beach boarding point. From Tojinbo to Mikuni Sunset Beach boarding point, it takes about 20 minutes to 30 minutes on foot. It is at the location going down about 2km to the south along the coast. You will walk along Araiso Promenade or prefectural road Route 7 to get there.

Opening hours of Tojinbo Presure Boat is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. However in winter the opening hours changes and it’s from 9am to 3:30pm. From 12/29 to 1/31 the pleasure boat is not operating. In addition it is possible that the boat is not available because of bad situation of the sea. Boarding fee is 1,300 yen per adult (more than a junior high school student) and 650 yen per child.

Fees of Tojinbo

viewing this place is free of charge.

Opening hours of Tojinbo

Tojinbo is always open and you can see this place at any time.

Location and access of Tojinbo

To go to this place, you can ride Keifuku bus bound for Tojinbo from the Mikuni Station of Echizen line. And you should get off at Tojinbo bus stop. It is approximately 10 minutes on a bus. To the Mikuni Station, it is around 45 to 50 minutes ride to the Echizen Railway from Fukui Station.

The number of the bus from Mikuni Station to Tojinbo on weekdays is about one an hour. However on weekends it’s one about 30 minutes. Since last bus is leaving around 5pm on Saturday and holiday, you should be careful not to be too late.

Location of Tojinbo
Fukui Prefecture, Sakai Mikunicho Antou Tojinbo

Reviews of Tojinbo

What impressions did people who visited Tojinbo have? Here, we introduce some useful reviews for travelers who will visit this place.

furikake, who visited with family
Our tour guide told us this is home to some rare pokemon for gamers. It is a gorgeous sea cliff that is named after monk whose statue is at the bottom of lane of shops leading to cliff. Known as Suicide spot and can understand after seeing this area so serene. I hear that since pokemon seekers are frequenting, rate of suicide has gone down a bit. Enticing seafood vendors looked so good but did not have time to try as we got there right before sunset, shops seem to close at this time.

Fundrzr, who visited with partner
The views were breathtaking, and the water was amazingly clean. We followed the marked paths and found great vistas at every turn. One of the paths lead into a cave with a huge shrine inside the cave.

danli6899, who visited with partner
A place where you can see a beautiful nature make landscape
If you have the time, take a boat trip out into the Japan sea to have a better view of the cliffs up close

Tei, who visited with friend
I went there for a small trip with friends. we should store personal luggage in cloak place which is free of charge to travelers because it would be such a pain when we go down to a cliff. The souvenir shop at the left side of the entrance of the shopping street was most cheap and reasonable! The shop sells the special version of snack “Kaki-no-tane” 40 yen cheaper than another shop!

Recommended place around Tojinbo, Oshima

Oshima is an island in a location visible from Tojinbo, there are columnar joints similar to those in Tojinbo. To Oshima, there is Oshima Bridge which is over 100m long. And we can use it to walk and ride a bike to go to Oshima. Oshima Bridge is red and on the sea, so it’s conspicuous and you can find it easily. From Tojinbo to Oshima Bridge it’s about 2.5km and will take 30 minutes on foot.

In Oshima, there is a road that you walk around the island, and walking clockwise direction could lead good luck. You can see the different forms of rock formations from those in Tojinbo. For example, there is a rocky area called “Nami-gata-iwa” looking like wave, and a rocky area shaped like honeycomb. The difference in the erosion by the waves seems to make the difference of such forms.

In addition the island has rocks with a magnetic force for any reason. The rocks change the orientation of the compass, and affect mobile phone so that it would no longer work properly. Thus, since a strange phenomenon occurs, locals consider it as a power spot where there is a spiritual power. The Oshima itself has been a object of faith. And there is Ominato shrine in the island which is a prefectural treasure.

The island has many places that are overgrown and dense forest, bug spray would be useful.

Location of Oshima
Fukui Prefecture, Sakai Mikunicho Antou Oshima