“Hanko”(personal name stamp), is used instead of a written signature in Japan, and now with playful features, it is gaining popularity. “Evil stamp shop Shinimonogurui” is located in Yanaka Ginza manufacturing these stamps. Cat stamps, as cats are typical of Yanaka Ginza, are most chosen at the shop.

Why not make your own cat stamp?

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“Evil stamp shop Shinimonogurui”


“Evil stamp shop Shinimonogurui” is a tiny shop in Yanaka Ginza shopping district. Inside the small shop is filled with hundreds of sample stamps.

You’ll see a variety of sample stamps with animals engraved in them including cats, typifying Yanaka Ginza, rabbits and pandas as well as last names.

These are completely different from typical Hanko used in general by Japanese. Why? Japanese most certainly have at least one stamp and is generally carved surname only.

“A bit of evil” is, so to speak, what distinguishes their hanko at Shinimonogurui from others.

Source: Kibidango(きびだんご)

“Evil stamp shop Shinimonogurui” provides custom-made Hanko(stamps) for 2,600 yen per stamp. Approximately 30 minutes for all the manufacturing process from placing an order to finishing. While taking a stroll around Yanaka Ginza, your Hanko is ready.

There are hundreds of options, over 400 designs, to choose from. 6 typefaces, 5 colors available. 2 color options for hanko case.

Since you came all the way to Yanaka Ginza, choose cat design for your hanko to be engraved with your name. It will be perfect gifts for friends, family back home and yourself. They will surly be wonderful  souvenirs of your visit to take home.

“Black cat over your shoulder”!

Source: 邪悪なハンコ屋 しにものぐるい

With more than 50 cat graphics at the shop, they show a variety of cat expressions. The most popular is “black cat over your shoulder”, with an impassive expression, but the mysterious cat is adorable.

Staff recommends “Scratching cat”!

Source:邪悪なハンコ屋 しにものぐるい

Among cat lines, “scratching cat” is the most recommended by the staff at Shinimonogurui. Scratching motion of a cat is well-depicted. If you go for more of an aggressive design rather than cuteness, it is definitely for you.

About the shop “Evil stamp shop Shinimonogurui”

  • Signature product: Original hanko(stamps)
  • Shop hours: 10:30~18:00
  • Close: Not fixed. Most Tuesdays.


  • Address: 3-11-5 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone number:03-6874-2839
  • Directions:Take North gate at the West exit Nippori station on JR Keihin-tohoku line, Yamanote-line and Joban-line. Walk straight approx.5 minutes in Yanaka Ginza shopping district.
  • Traveling time from Haneda airport, Tokyo station - From Haneda airport: Approx.45 minutes
  • From Narita airport: Approx.20 minutes’
  • From Tokyo station: 20minites
  • Official Website:http://www.ito51.com/


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