Cat’s variety store「ねこあくしょん(Neko Action)」is in at a sacred place for cats Yanesen area. “Neko Action” is located from JR Nippori station 5 minutes on foot. Two cats welcome you. A comfortable place for cats lovers and pretty variety goods lovers.

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Cat’s variety store 「ねこあくしょん(Neko Action)」

Source: 猫の雑貨屋「ねこアクション」HP

Cat’s variety store 「ねこあくしょん(Neko Action)」is open on the the 29th of April.よい肉球の日(Yoi Nikukyu no hi – Day for the Good Cat’s Foot Print)This day is not an official day.

Goroawase kinenbi – change the reading way of number to other woods.

For example 22nd of February (22-2) can be pronounced as “nyan nyan” (cat sound) Day of the Cat.

Source: 猫の雑貨屋「ねこアクション」HP

「ねこあくしょん(Neko Action)」is located from West Exit of JR Nippori station to walk up to the Gotenzaka-slope. You can have a nice experience by riding the 人力車(Jinrikisha. Jinrikisha is a human-powered transport, like a kind of rickshaw )There are many temples to experience Japanese culture. At the entrance of the shop, 2 black cats doll welcome you. Inside the shop, mainly white interior nicely decorated with a pleasant atmosphere. You can buy original variety goods related to cats.

The original goods of “Neko Action”

Source: 猫の雑貨屋「ねこアクション」HP

Neko T-shirts which have 3 types: Men’s, Women’s, Kids’. For Kid’s designs are unique with a touch of humor. For Men’s and Women’s t-shirts – stylish cat’s on.

Simple design and use of color for adults.

For souvenir! Original variety goods

Source:  猫の雑貨屋「ねこアクション」HP

There are many kinds of souvenirs. A large variety of key holders and nail cutters with patterned images of cats or traditional Japanese lunchboxes with a cat print.

Souvenirs with the Black Cat , logo of  “ねこあくしょん”(Neko Action) are original and cute.

ねこあくしょん(Neko Action)Detail

・Typical Products:Neko T-shirts,  Kuroneko lunch series, Neko pattern key holder

・Opening hour : 11:00-18:00

・Closed on: Monday

Access to ねこあくしょん(Neko Action)

・Address: 3-10-5 Nishinippori Arakawa

・Tel: 03-5834-8733

・How to reach:

JR Nippori North gate West Exit 5 minutes on foot

・Travel Time from Haneda / Narita Airport, Tokyo Station:

From Haneda Airport about 40 minutes

From Narita Airport about 60 minutes

From Tokyo station about 30 minutes

・Official site URL


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