“Kimono” is a traditional cultural costume. First a long drapery called “Tan-mono” is cut into pieces and sewed together. It looks like one piece cloth and worn with a wide belt knotted neatly. The material for “Kimono” is mainly silk but also there are cotton and even wool recently. “Kimono” has mostly seasonal motif designs on it. “Kimono” nowadays is worn for special occasions and not for daily use.

≫For other events, please see the article “Events You can Enjoy in “Kimono” 2017 – Traditional Japanese “Kimono” Culture.

“Kimono” Festival

There are events where you can enjoy “Kimono”. The first one is “Kimono” Festival in “Toka-mchi”, Niigata Prefecture held every May. “Toka-machi” known for “Kimono” organizes this event in order for people to know more about “Kimono”. With reservation you can rent “Kimono” or have it dressed by professionals. You can enjoy walking around the town in “Kimono”. There is another event called “Kimono” Party where you can dine in “Kimono” or make acquaintance with “Kimono” lovers. Also there is “Kimono Horidashi-ichi” (a market) which will be a good opportunity to find your favorite “Kimono” and make a good bargain.

The second one is “Tango Kimono Festival in “Amano Hashidate” held in “Tango” region, Kyoto. “Tango” has a history of more than 300 years known for producing silk textile called “Tango Chirimen” and make 70% of “Kimono” textile. There are events you should not miss, a parade where people in “Kimono” march in the street along pine trees, and “Kimono” show of “Tango Chirimen” for “Juni Hitoe” and other “Kimono” made of “Tango Chirimen”. “Juni Hitoe” literally means 12 cloths but normally several layers of cloths. Wearing “Kimono” you will be privileged to have a free ride on “Jinriki-sha” (two wheels carriage by man) and to participate in an outdoor tea ceremony called “Nodate”. At “Kimono Chieno Ichi” (a “Kimono” flea market) you can find second hand “Kimono” of “Tango Chirimen”. Why not find your favorite?

“Kimono” Feastival

“Kimono” Festival in “Toka-machi”

Time: 3rd May every year

Venue: Toka-machi, Niigata

Access: 1 minute walk from “Toka-machi” Station, JR “IIyama Line” & Hokuetsu Kyuko “Hoku Hoku” Line

“Tango Kimono Festival in “Amano Hashidate”

Time: 15th October 2017, 10:00 – 15:00

Venue: Tango-city, Kyoto

Access: 1 minute walk from “Tmano Hashidate” Station, Kyoto Tango Railway, Miyatoyo Line

What is “Kimono”?

For further information about traditional Japanese costume, please see the article “What is “Kimono”? : Traditional Japanese ‘Kimono’ Culture”.