Kimono (Japanese traditional clothes) is becoming very popular amongst tourists from aboard. Kimono is a dress which you need to know how to dress; warp around dress in the front of body and securing it with special stronger material cloth called Obi. The bright colour Kimono can create gorgeous fashionable style. That is the one reason Kimono is well known to tourists. Modern day Japan, people only wear Kimono for only special occasions: weddings, graduations, festivals and celebrations. Some of  tourist attraction places offer Kimono dressing up service and it would attract lots of tourists. One of the places you would want to visit wearing Kimono would be “TOKYO CITY VIEW LOUNGE 2017”.

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Source: flickr

Source: flickr

TOKYO CITY VIEW LOUNGE 2017 is an event which takes place on 52nd floor of Roppingi Hills, Tokyo. 52nd floor serves as an observatory to enjoy the view of city of Tokyo as well. The concept of this event would create and offer relaxing observatory space with modern Japanese atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the view of Tokyo surrounding by authentic Japanese settings: Japanese flooring, umbrellas, and chairs. There is a café where you can enjoy Japanese tea time; high quality green tea and sweets. Moreover, Japanese artist would exhibit their work and you can purchase as souvenirs. The most importantly, if you visit there with wearing own Kimono, you enter the observatory free of charge! If you use dressing up service somewhere in Tokyo, and want to walk around the city, this is the place to visit.

TOKYO CITY VIEW LOUNGE 2017: Event details

Dates:2017. 7.28 (fri)~10.15. (sun)


venue(address):Roppongi Hills Observatory Sky deck

access: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi station exit 1 : 0 min walk

What is Kimono?

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