Let’s try little different things during the travel to Tokyo city. What do you think about 「Kimodameshi(a test of courage)」 in haunted place? There used to be the Tokyo jail in Ikebukuro city. 7 class-A-war criminals used to be caught in there and executed. This jail used to be called Sugamo Prison. The current landmark of Ikebukuro city, SUNSHINE 60 is standing on the classic ground of that jail. Today we will introduce this 「Sugamo Prison」 to you.

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Let’s join the Tokyo Ghost Story Tour in the city that has Japanese Mythological History ・ Ikebukuro

There is the local tour that allow us to enjoy the ghost story in Asakusa. In the tour, the bilingual guide will lead us to Japanese oldest theme park 「Hanayashiki」 and other eerie spots. If you have courage to join the underworld, you could enjoy Japanese ghost story.

What is the Sugamo Prison?

In 1895, the jail located in Ishikawa Island has gotten moved to Tokyo, Ikebuykuro city. It became the Sugamo Metropolitan Police Department Jail. It was just a copse around the jail at that time. It has changed it’s name to Sugamo Jail in 1922, and Tokyo Jail in 1937. During that time, a lot of criminals were arrested and sent to this jail. After the world war Ⅱ, this jail was temporarily requisitioned by the occupation army. Hideki Tojo, Koki Hirota and another 5 persons who were judged as class-A-war criminals, and another 21 class-B and C-war criminals by The International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Ichigaya city has been executed. The current location of a stone monument in the Higashi Ikebukuro Park next to SUNSHINE Building used to be the gallows of Sugamo Prison. We could feel the atmosphere of that days that still remains around the place.

Why did 「Sugamo Prison」 become the haunted spot??

It feels scary by just hearing the words 「It was originally Prison」 and 「Gallows」, but nowadays, Ikebukuro became lively and popular city where a lot of travelers visit. Even at night time, there are lots of young people get together. But there are some ghost stories and unnatural phenomenon that is still handed down. It is said that the fire ball and male ghost wearing the military uniforms often appear around Higashi Ikebukuro Central Park area where the stone monument is located. And the strange sound of something fall to the ground would be heard from nowhere in north area of the park where used to be the gallows. It is said the sound is that the head of criminal is cut off at gallows and fall to the ground. There might be some ghosts wandering around that area. If you want to try to a test of courage, midnight would be the best time.


Address:3-1-6, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

About 5 min from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line 「Higashi Ikebukuro Station」


Where is the famous haunted spot in Tokyo city?

There are not few places are said to be haunted spot in Tokyo such as Higashi Ikebukuro Central Park. Kamiyugi Park in Tokyo Hachioji City is also one of these. There are sports facility, children’s hall and Multi-purpose Square in the park. It is a huge park that we enjoy strolling around in copse. And about the haunted story, it is said that some ghosts who have died from car accidents and suicide appear. There are many witness of ghosts around the observation tower square, No.5 parking area that is closed and pond are.