For someone who is interested with horror stories or Japanese psychic spots other than sightseeing, there are places for a dare. In this issue we introduce the burial mound for severed head of “Taira-no Masakado”. There have been many supernatural phenomena and it is said to be that they are caused by the curses of “Masakado”. Attention! When you visit there, please pay respect and do not disturb his spirit.

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At the old amusement park “Hana Yashiki” in “Asakusa”, there is a Japanese haunted house. If you are scared to go alone, you can join a tour with a guide. Not only to the haunted house but also the guide will take you to a scary bar. Let’s experience a Japanese horror!

What is the “B****urial Mound for Severed Head of “Taira-no Masakado”?

Near Imperial Palace, in the east side of the Mitsui Building there stands a burial mound of the severed head of “Masakado”. The story goes back to the 10th century. “Taira-no Masakado” was the head of powerful clan in “Kanto” Region who revolted against the imperial regime and was killed in 940 during the battle in “Shimosa” Region (today it is known Chiba or Ibaraki Prefecture). In the 13th century the burial mound was neglected and ruined. The outraged spirit of “Masakado” tormented people in “Edo” (currently Tokyo). People calmed his spirit by offering a memorial service respectfully.

The burial mound was leveled when a building of the ministry of finance was rebuilt after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. It is designated as historic spot by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The burial mound is greenery area even though it is located in the middle of office skyscrapers. You can find it easily.

Why is it a Psychic Spot?: “Burial Mound for Severed Head of “Taira-no Masakado”

The old building of the ministry of finance burnt down because of the Great Kanto Earthquake. Before it was rebuilt, the burial mound had been excavated and nothing was found due to a grave robbery. A temporary office was built after the mound had been destroyed and leveled. Several years later the minister of finance died of sickness. Further more than ten officials engaged in the excavation work also died in strange ways. The rumor spread in the ministry that those deaths are due to a curse by the spirit of “Masakado” because they had dug the burial ground. Again another incident! After the Second World War the army of occupation planned to construct a parking lot for GHQ (the General Headquarters) but the bulldozer operator fell and died. Because of this accident GHQ gave up the plan. Today people think this place is a sacred place with mystical energy and his spirit guards the area. People visit there to pay respect. If you pay respect when you visit there, you might receive the mystical energy, too.


Address: 1-2-1 Ote-machi, Chiyada-ku, Tokyo

Access: In the vicinity of Exit 5 at “Ote-machi” Station, Tokyo Metro


Where are Psychic Spots in Tokyo?

There are a few psychic spots in Tokyo other than the “burial mound for Masakado’s severed head”. For example, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, where human experimentations were conducted. Many human bones were founded there. They were victims of the human experimentation. In the past some researchers died in unusual ways and it is believed to be due to curses. There are also rumors that around Mt. Hakone next to the Institute there are human screams every night, and also that someone saw white shadows moving around in the building at midnight.