## Maenohara hot springs Sayano Yudokoro

Maenohara hot springs Sayano Yudokoro was created using buildings and gardens that was left behind by an enterpriser. Therefore, you can enjoy the hot springs along with a beautiful dry garden and a Japanese style residence. A dry garden is a traditional Japanese garden with a unique elegance. Although Sayano Yudokoro is of a small scale, it uses natural hot springs. Since they do not add neither water nor chemicals, you can directly feel the hot spring’s effects. The water has a muddy white color, and is effective for curing neuralgia and muscle pain. It is a hot spring perfect for travelers.
Maenohara hot springs Sayano Yudokoro also features a restaurant called “Shitensha”. This restaurant is also a renovation of the enterpriser’s residence. The large window full of space, as well as the roomy tatami mats of the restaurants interior allows you to have a feel of the good old days of Japan. The restaurant has various menus, all of which are superb. However, the soba is highly recommended. They are committed to the soba’s place of production, and you can eat freshly made soba everyday. Why not enjoy Japanese tradition along with the hot springs.

Detail of Maenohara hot springs Sayano Yudokoro

Address3-41-1, Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours 10AM-1AM
NorticePeople with tattoos, body paint, or body stickers are not allowed to enter.


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