## Suigetsu Hotel Ougai-sou

Suigetsu Hotel Ougai-sou is a hot spring inn made from remodeling MOri Ougai’s house, a writer from the Meiji Era. Mori Ougai is the author of novels such as “Maihime” and “Takasebune”, and is very popular in Japan. The room in which “Maihime” was written is especially popular, and it is used in various ways such as a restaurant, banquet hall, as well as a concert hall. The place also has a long history as a hot spring inn, and it is the first inn in Tokyo to be certified as a hot spring inn.

You can stay at the inn, but you can also visit just to use the hot spring. The hot spring named “Ougai hot spring”, has black water flowing, which is a characteristic of hot springs in Tokyo. They also have carefully planned bathtubs such as the “Japanese Cypress Bath”, in which they have used a 2000-year-old Japanese Cypress, as well as a bathtub made of natural marble. Suigetsu Hotel Ougai-sou also has a long established dedication to their cuisine. At the inn’s restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Japanese course dishes. You can experience Japanese tradition through both their hot springs and dishes. Also, since Suigetsu Hotel Ougai-sou is located in Ueno, Ueno Oushi Park and Sensou-ji is only a walk away if you wish to visit. Not only are you able to enjoy the hot springs, but also take in the experience of sighseeing at a nearby location.

Detail of Suigetsu Hotel Ougai-sou

Address〒110-0008 3-3-21, Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hours11AM-


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