The Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaiso is a Japanese-style inn which preserves well the former residence of a celebrated Japanese novelist Ogai Mori (1862-1922). You can expect to see typical Japanese rooms and the Japanese garden of those days.  As it is not easy to have a chance to stay at such a historical hotel even in Tokyo, surely the Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou will become a valuable experience of yours. If you think to stay in Yanesen, be sure to check it.

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Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou


Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou is located in Yanesen area where the atmosphere of the lower town Tokyo still remains strong. Being closely related to Ogai Mori,

it is noted for his former residence prserved in its premises. Also the hotel has natural hot springs in it with a bath tub made from aromatic cypress. Bathing in hot springs, you will recover firmly from fatigue of travel. Kaiseki, a traditional Japanese meal cooked using seasonal ingredients is also one of the pleasures offered here. It is a recommended hotel in Yanesen where you can understand Japanese culture from experience.

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou   You can stay at the very building that Ogai Mori actually used

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou You can stay at the very building that Ogai Mori actually used


The biggest feature of Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou is that you can spend time in the building and rooms which Ogai Mori actually used. The room where he wrote his masterpiece “ The Dancing Girl” now can be used when you dine or have a party. The Japanese garden that Ogai would have worked over the plot of his novels looking at is really amazing. This is the only place you can

have an experience of spending precious time in the historically valuable place. This is the hotel that lets you feel the history in many places around it.  It’s an attractive hotel, isn’t it?

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou   Accommodation and Facilities

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou Accommodation and Facilities


Both Japanese style and Western style guest rooms are available. In a Japanese room, you sleep on a futon mattress laid on the tatami floor. A variety of plans of the both types of rooms are provided for ranging from single occupancy to family and groups. So you can stay at the hotel in accordance with your style of trip.

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou Accommodation and Facilities2


The hotel offers a restaurant to taste Kyoto style Kaiseki cuisine and natural hot springs and furthermore the internet connection you can use. Each guest room is provided with amenity such as a tooth brush and shampoo and also a *yukata *informal cotton kimono, towels and so on.

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou** **** Nearby sightseeing spots**

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou  Nearby sightseeing spots


Ueno Toshogu is a Shinto shrine built in 1627. It is dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu shogun who had a strong influence over the Japanese history. It is also a famous tourist spot known for peony flowers and cherry blossoms attracting a lot of sightseers.




Shinobazuike is a famous pond for its scenic beauty so it has been taken up as a theme of pictures since very long time ago. In the center of the pond is a small island where Benzaiten, one of the Buddhist deities, is enshrined, which produces distinctive scenery.

Suigetsu Hotel Ohgaisou   Hotel Information

Address   3-21, 3-chome, Ikenohata, Taitou-ku, 110-0008, Tokyo, Japan

Phone     +81-3-3822-4611

Check-in time      15:00 (Last Check-in time 24:00)

Check-out time    10:00

Capacity      320 occupants

Total rooms        125 rooms

Credit cards accepted   VISA,  JCB,  American Express,  Diner’s Club, UC,  DC,  NICOS,  Master Card


5 minutes walk from the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nezu Station Shinobazuike  Exit

7minutes walk from the Keisei Line Ueno Station Kouen Exit

12minutes walk from the JR Ueno Station Kouen or Shinobazu Exit

The time required

35minues from Haneda Airport

55minutes from Narita Airport

15minues from Tokyo Station

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