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Amaze yourself--Try Japanese photo booth "Purikura" (w/Photos)

Harajuku is the birthplace of Harajuku Fashion and Kawaii culture. Various subcultures have also been born from this town. “Purikura” is a very popular subculture of Kawaii in Harajuku. You can find lots of “Purikura” photo booths on Takeshita street. We’d like to introduce the Purikura photo booth in

The 5 Best Lunch Restaurants in Harajuku (w/Photos)

Harajuku is a town full of cute and trendy items. Around Takeshita Street, the iconic street in Harajuku, there are many general stores as well as shops with delicious food. Harajuku is also known as gourmet town where you will find huge variety of restaurants including long-established Japanese restaurants and

Must-eat Sweets in Harajuku Pancakes (w/Photos)

There are many cute and sophisticated shops in Harajuku. Since long time ago, many youngsters come visit this town and enjoy communication. Many shops are for youngsters and it would be great town for those who susceptible to changes in fashion. Also there are many famous pancake shops, so just

Must-eat Sweets in “Harajuku”: Crapes (w/Photos)

“Harajuku” is a town where many youths in their teens and twenties and keen on fashion gather. There are many shops with good tastes to satisfy those young Japanese girls seeking “Kawaii” (cute) items. Many are not expensive. In “Harajuku” crapes are also very popular. In this issue we introduce

“Harajuku”, please see “Must-eat Sweets in Harajuku” (w/Photos)

“Harajuku” is a district of “over the top fashion” and youth culture. To mention a few, “Omote Sando” Street is for luxury brand fashions, and “Takeshita Dori” Street is the center of “Kawaii” (cute) culture in the world. It is also a treasure place for eating-out gourmets. There you will

Unique cafe in Harajuku-Kawaii monster café (w/Photos)

Harajuku is a center of cutting edge fashion. Unique young people gather and many fashionable shops exist as high sense area. Japanese and foreign famous brand shops, Harajuku unique atmosphere tasty café, restaurant, gourmet and sweets shops gather. New fashion and culture are born day by day at this town.

Foodie tour in Harajuku

Fashion and subculture town Harajuku, they attract many tourists all over the world. Lately they are also famous for the birthplace for Japanese Kawaii culture. Even though they are well known for its pop culture, they also offer yummy food. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes, as well