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A Cafe Where You Can Make Maneki Neko! Yanaka Ginza's Cafe Neko Emon

Yanaka, Tokyo offers a charming escape from the city's redevelopment. Visit Cafe Neko Emon in Yanaka Ginza for a unique experience painting lucky cats and enjoying cat-themed treats.

Enjoying the Retro Townscape and Japanese Souvenirs at the Cafe: Yanaka Kenshindo

Amidst Tokyo's rapid redevelopment, the nostalgic Yanaka Ginza district preserves its old-town charm with cherry blossom spots, the lively shopping street, and traditional kissaten cafes like the recommended Yanaka Kenshindo.

Yanaka Ginza's venerable cafe Kayaba Coffee

Enjoy Kayaba Coffee, a revived retro cafe in Tokyo's historic Yanaka Ginza area, before it's transformed by redevelopment. Savor its vintage charm, 1915 building, Japanese/Western fusion, and nostalgic "morning" cafe fare like egg sandwiches.

Recommended Cafes to Visit Along the Retro Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street

Tokyo's preserved "Cat Town" shopping street | Stroll 170m of 60+ historic shops in this untouched downtown area. Visit retro & modern cafes, famous cherry blossom cemetery. Experience local shitamachi culture.

Japanese Sweets | Must-Eat Foods in Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is one of the premier sightseeing destinations in Tokyo that attracts both domestic and overseas visitors. Asakusa has an assortment of attractions, including Sensoji, Nakamise, and the historic theme park, Hanayashiki. At the same time, Asakusa has many old establishments serving gourmet foods that have withstood the test of

Top 5 recommended local gourmet in Asakusa-Where do you want to eat and drink in Asakusa? (w/Photos)

Asakusa has longer history among the city in Tokyo. There are many popular sightseeing spot such as Senso temple, Nakamise, and Hanayashiki theme park. Moreover, there are some restaurants that have had history since as long as Samurai era. You can enjoy Japanese traditional dishes there. Today, we will introduce

Amuse Cafe Theater | The night show that we can enjoy in night Asakusa (w/Photos)

Asakusa is the highly popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo among foreign tourists. There are many temples, shrines, and historical architectures that help us to feel Japanese history and culture. Not only on daytime, but also on nighttime we can enjoy Japanese nightlife experience in Izakaya and restaurant. Today, we will